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What is your favorite childhood video games that you want to play and earn Steem tokens?

The Settler's 

Settlers 1 2 and 3, after 3 the game lost it and changed to something else that just carried the name.

In settlers 1 you had to create roads by placing flags. You land expanded as you placed down towers. Gather resources and build game but you created a small village the worked together for you to grow, Alternative strategies could be played and players could link up to play against each other, 

In settlers 2 they advanced the game the graphics got much better and the playability too. The same happened again for settlers 3 with much more advances, The games were able to be linked on line by a central server. Users were able to create their own maps and do battle on these maps. There were 3 races originally. Amazons got added on later in an extension pack along with another extension of maps and scenarios to complete. 

The Asian, The Romans and The Egyptians. Each race had all the same buildings available. Not all races were suited to using the same materials.

The Asians worked mostly from wood and needed little stone to build their buildings. Providing you had room to build a few decent forested areas these worked really well. 

The Egyptians worked better with stone and would not use as much wood or timber in their construction. A large deposit of stone is needed when using the Egyptians.

The Romans are in the middle, they use a balance of timber and stone. 

Depending on the map you were going to play you could choose the army best suited for the terrain.

In the Quest side of the game you would select a race and complete the scenarios with that race.

Playing on line meant you would have to watch out also for sea attacks if there was water on the map.

Wish I had a few windows 95 computers and a couple of those cds now.



I am 45 years old, born and raised in a small town in venezuela and the only video games i remember ever playing (when i had the age for that) was River Raid.

I am trying to insert an image of the game but for some reason I can't.

Basically, you were the plane that flew over a river and found ostacles that needed to be shot down or destroyed (choppers, other planes, boats, ships, etc) while avoiding enemy fire.

Anyways, I never developed the hobby, never got really addicted (you can't get addicted to any games when you're raised in a home where kids do house chores or else), but I really liked that game. I remember getting to level 20 and that was a big deal. The game got so complicated and tense that i felt i was going to have a heart attack.

It was a good thing I did not have the chance to get addicted to that or any other game, but just for nostalgia's sake, i'd love to play that again, more so if i'll get paid for doing it.

PS. I found a video, let's see if i can add the link



Such a nice question, I'm also hoping that it can be implemented to any games, old or new. 

I love the Final Fantasy series during my childhood especially 7 so FF7 would be my top list and would play it again especially if I'm gonna be earning steem by playing it. 

Then other PS1 or nintendo classics like Metal Gear, Mario, Dragon Ball and many more. Tekken which is my favorite fighting game is also a great game to play and then each player earns steem except that the winner gets more. 

I also love this happen on modern games where Steem has some kind of a dapp where gamers can play any games they want and games have challenges where if they complete, they can also earn Steem. 

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Need for Speed and Colin McRae. These are the games that I absolutely loved in my teenage years, not childhood. In childhood I played the real games much more. Then I started embracing video games. I was always a fan of race cars video games and played for hundreds of hours lots of the Need for Speed series and Colin McRae. If I could play these and earn Steem tokens I would definitely do that. I don't know if I would do that as much as I did many years ago but for sure I would dedicate a few hours a week. If I did that for points why wouldn't I do that for Steem. After all Steem has some value and  a great potential. Who know maybe some days we will see some other types of games on Steem other than Steem monsters. 


It will be really nice to be able to play and earn some Steem.

I enjoy playing the Super Mario game and until now, I still play it sometimes. It will be great if every coins you will get in that game is equivalent to a Steem coin or a fraction of it. That will surely make the game more interesting.

I also enjoyed playing Rival School and Tekken. If every hit will be equivalent to some Steem, a lot more will probably be hooked on those games.

Some other games that I enjoy playing are Ice Climber and Adventure Time.


I am pretty old. So, my childhood favorite game was puzzle bubble and Cadillac dianosaur.Although I don't play any game yet but I would love to play these games if provided on a term tokens and earned few rewards


It was a game called Ghengis Khan on sega genesis. It was much like risk. It was about world domination. It always made me so happy to take over the world.


Any games on the Nintendo Entertainment System, or the Playstation console. 

These two game systems are the ultimate nostalgia for me, given the fact that they were the main gaming entertainment systems I used as a child. 

I couldn't think of a more fun way to earn Steem for video game enjoyment! Nice question!


not quite childhood game but loved the virtua fighter 2 ...so any  1:1 combat game where winner takes the rewards would be an engaging  activity..