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What kind of mindset do we need to apply to our Steemit journey to help the platform reach its full potential?

The state of steemit as a platform is doing perfectly fine. After 70% layoff and difficulty expressed by steemit INC to bear the infrastructure cost has already paved the other alternative like rockdb. The introduction of MIRA has now helped a lot for lowering down the cost of infrastructure and now running a node is cheaper than before. This is definitely a positive development and the team is working very hard lately. So platform wise it is doing great in last 1 month in particular. But price wise steem is still under the score and that is why people are pessimistic about it.

I am looking on the other way into it. Normally what happens, when the price rises, people cheer it up and celebrate and some people feel like they missed to buy at the low. All should have been and could have been sentence emerge up. When the price is really low like the price of steem right now, people are fearful and they are not courageous enough to buy it. I am not saying them to buy or invest. But the fact is that when you realize the platform is great and the developers are doing their job and it is in a continuous process, then you can realize that it is good time to buy at low price.

When steem will be back above 1 usd, more active user will come again and start posting and you can see a positive sentiment around this platform. So every thing is same here now, only thing is that the steem price is low now and the price is driven by market. Of course the ecosystem should be such that it should attract investors but that is up to the investors to invest or not. When the bull trend will come, the investor will come un-invited and will push the price up for steem.

So in my view regardless of what price steem is, if you believe that the platform is good for you, then you should continue with your activity. Your patience and effort will be rewarded by time.


The kind of mindset we as the steemit users should have towards this platform should be a positive one. In the sense that we should be supportive to others especially the minnows, make them see reasons to hold on till the rise of steem and even afterwards.

We should also make them see this platform as the best social media platform currently where you get to relate with people all around the world and share ideas too that will be beneficial to people who care to listen.

Making motivational posts can help in a way.

People who want to progress in a particular field must always be pessimistic. If we try as much as possible to support each other on this platform it will take us a long way.

My point here is being supportive as we will be surprised at the outcome and how wonderful and great this platform will turn out to be in a few years time.

Being active on Steemit platform will help too. As for me, this platform is the best social media platform I have come across so far and I do not intend quitting it.

These are the things we should bear in our mindset if we want to help in the growth of this amazing platform.

Thank you.