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What can we do to prevent over-thinking?
In the fast pace of the modern times, we tend to think too much to a point that we are unaware that we are getting stressed because of it.

In a real sense to think is a very good thing to do, it helps get our perspective right by putting things in other, but over-thinking is not a good thing because it could lead to a negative health problem and Also derails one life.. Oveething maybe caused from depression, being sad, being broke, breakups, be let down, being called a failure, always being rejected and so many happenings.

They are various ways in which overthinking, could be prevented and they are listed below:

1. The first step of preventing over-thinking is not dwelling on the mistakes you made or the wrong doings, because by thinking of your mistakes, you maybe lost in it and totally forget on facing the mistakes but Instead, whenever you make a mistake, start thinking of how make things right. Think of the process you have to go through to achieve your aim and start working towards it

2. Focus your attention how to solve a problem and act right on it. Some times, you maybe broke and feeling down, this could lead to overthinking, but instead of over-thinking, start focusing your attention of how to get rid of you being broke I.e. Start drawing out plans to have some money on you.

3. We need to realize that everything can't always happen the way we want it to happen, so their fore if your plans fails, don't hurt your self by overthinking, remember that you can't always control all things, so therefore become a person of action and do more to get more

4. Whenever you are feeling sad and having bad day, you can easily get drawn into over thinking, therefore to avoid that distract yourself by being among friends, playing games or even working out

5. Preventing overthinking can be a simple task if you are aware of your emotional change. This have to do more with you being in control f your mindset, once you notice that change in emotions, you know something is about to come up and you kill it off before it even starts to manifest.

6. One of the easiest way of preventing over-thinking is being grateful. Some people tend to start thinking on things they don't have, things they can't afford, comparing their lives with others, all this could lead to over thinking In a sharp instance, but it could all be prevented by being grateful to the Almighty God for the little you have now and the wonders he will do later.

7. Prevent your sef form overthinking by forcing or distracting yourself to be happy by being among friends or watching comedy

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I think the understand why this is question would come up. I use to have the feelings also. I hated that I tended towards over-analyzing situations with my mind. I would do one thing but think a lot about consequences and what could go wrong. It's sometimes could lead to panic attacks. Here's what I think could help you.

1. Put a track on your thought processes. It helps to know when you're thinking the wrong thoughts. Try to see how you can catch yourself and acknowledge that you aren't supposed to be thinking in that line. If you can detecting when it happens, you can control it

2. Create a garrison of positive thoughts. You know what garrisons are. Right? Well, if it helps, they are for defences against invasion. It would help to have something of sort when you seem to be going that path that scares you. Let those positive and happy thoughts flood your mind at that moment. Let it be your sort of patronus that shields you from your dementors.

3. Have goals set and strive to achieve them. Overthinking can happen when you have too little to do. Be involved in activities that are productive and very soon the overthinking problem will be passed. It worked for me and can surely be the same for you.

4. Try to think with the end goal in mind. It's another way of saying you should have things in perspective. Like, this routine, however boring or difficult, would lead me to buying my dream house in December ( not this month obviously, things would be way too costly then, but at least you get my drift).

5. Face the fear. Most of the time, it's due to fear. Mine was at least. You are afraid of failing. The truth is failure is not as wacky as we make it seem. It's part of the process. Some life coaches even recommend failing as often as possible. When you can accept that you fail sometimes, you'd stop punishing yourself over not getting the job done.

6. Count your blessings. This is one way I remember helped the down moments. It's veery easy to be beating about the bush, whining about failed projects when there are tons of successes to be thankful for. Appreciate that you still could do stuffs in the past no matter how small. You are not a failure. You just haven't found the working formula yet.

This stage will pass. I can promise you that!



Thinking is not bad! The problem is the types of thoughts a person may have. The fact that you think before you do things, for example, doesn't just talk about how smart you are, but how prevented you can become. In ancient cultures people were even paid to think, and those people were considered the guides of societies. The problem then begins not with thinking but with the kind of thinking we may have. For example: if you have a problem and you think about the solution, that's a good thing! But if you have a problem and your thought leads you to the consequences that problem will bring, in possible other problems and from there to a series of thoughts that only aggravate the situation, then we are before some negative thoughts. The current human being has the bad habit of worrying, but not dealing with it.  If you think of solutions, projects, goals, objectives, you will be ahead of people who have not thought anything. A brain that is in constant work, is a lucid and awake brain


thinking is great however over-thinking is really bad.. Over thinking is characteristic. There is no technique to stop over-thinking. Everything relies upon you. 

Over-thinking is the point at which you think a similar reconsidered and again as opposed to accomplishing something. Over-thinking causes you negativity,anxiety, stress and takes all your bliss. 

There is no specific method for stop over-considering. However, as brain research recommends there are few hints you can pursue 

Quit considering minor issues excessively important. On the off chance that anything occurs and you begins agonizing over it. Think "Will this thing or issue matter following 5 years or 5 months or even 5 weeks?" No?, at that point for what reason are you taking excessively worry about it. Quit pondering it at this moment. Try not to try and waste your 5 minutes on it. 

Be the man of activity. When anything occurs or any issue emerge, begin searching for it's answer. Quit inquiring as to Why me? Begin doing. 

You realize you can't control everything. Everybody knows this. Also, on the off chance that you don't get utilized of this. You can't control every one of the things with the exception of your own musings. So simply unwind and have confidence. Things will work out. You will land another position, you will get achievement, you will get whatever you need simply continue working. Your time will come. 

Set time limits for choices. It's the most straightforward approach to stop over-considering. 

Reflect. Contemplation can help you in liberating your brain. It can gives you unwinding. It's the most ideal way. 

Read. Perused something. It very well may be your most loved novel or something moving. 

Converse with somebody. Converse with your closest companion, life partner, guardians. 

get a Hobby.


There's that thing called Occam's Razor.

Basically, it's a principle that teaches us to accept the simplest explanation/sollution to a problem given the amount of information we have. Once you catch yourself overthinking just apply Occam's Razor.


Overthinking can turn out to be such a propensity, to the point that you don't perceive when you're doing it. Begin focusing on the manner in which you suspect as much you can end up mindful of the issue. 

When you're replaying occasions in your brain again and again, or agonizing over things you can't control, recognize that your musings aren't gainful. Believing is just useful when it prompts positive activity. 

1. Maintain the attention on critical thinking. 

Harping on your issues isn't useful - yet searching for arrangements is. On the off chance that it's something you have some command over, think about how you can keep the issue or test yourself to recognize five potential arrangements. 

On the off chance that it's something you have no influence over- - like a catastrophic event - consider the techniques you can use to adapt to it. Spotlight on the things you can control, similar to your demeanor and exertion. 

2. Test your contemplations. 

It's anything but difficult to escape with negative considerations. So before you presume that phoning in wiped out will get you terminated, or that overlooking one due date will make you turned out to be destitute, recognize that your musings might be exaggeratedly negative. 

Keep in mind that your feelings will meddle with your capacity to take a gander at circumstances impartially. Make a stride back and take a gander at the proof. What proof do you have that your thinking is valid? What proof do you have that your thinking isn't valid? 

3..Schedule time for reflection. 

Stewing on your issues for extensive stretches of time isn't beneficial, yet short reflection can be useful. Contemplating how you could do things another way or perceiving potential entanglements to your arrangement, could enable you to perform better later on. 

Consolidate 20 minutes of "thinking time" into your every day plan. Amid that day and age given yourself a chance to stress, ruminate, or think about whatever you need. 

At the point when your time is up, move onto something unique. Furthermore, when you begin overthinking things outside of your planned reasoning time, essentially advise yourself that you'll have to hold up until your "figuring time" to address those issues in your psyche. 

4. Learn care abilities. 

It's difficult to go over yesterday or stress over tomorrow when you're embracing current circumstances. Care will enable you to wind up more mindful of the without further ado. 

Much the same as some other ability, care takes practice, however after some time, it can diminish overthinking. There are classes, books, applications, courses, and recordings accessible to enable you to learn care abilities. 

5. Change the channel. 

Enlightening yourself to quit figuring regarding something will reverse discharge. The more you endeavor to keep an idea from entering your cerebrum, the more probable it is to keep springing up. 

Change the direct in your mind by changing your movement. Exercise, take part in discussion on a totally unique subject, or work on a task that occupies you. Accomplishing something other than what's expected will put a conclusion to the blast of negative contemplations. 

6..Train your mind. 

Focusing on the manner in which you think can enable you to end up more mindful of your awful mental propensities. With training, you can prepare your cerebrum to think in an unexpected way. After some time, building more advantageous propensities will enable you to construct the psychological muscle you have to end up rationally more grounded


You can prevent over thinking by

Solving some of your problems

Lack of financial stability can make someone think a lot so the best way is to reduce the rate in which our problems affect us by solving the basic problems