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What kind of good deed that you've done for the spirit of Christmas this year?

I forgive some one.

Yes, I truly forgive one of my family member. She is one of my Aunty in relation and she did some very wrong to me in the past.  I used to avoid her for very long and we did not talk to each other for years.

She created some misconception about me in others with out knowing the truth and she did not even felt sorry for that. That was the reason for my anger to her. I could not forgive her (she did not said sorry to me) and could not communicate with her for many years for this reason. I bear much pain because of her miss deed.

But recently she became very sick and as she grown old now, I decided to forgive her and talk with her. I called her few days back and we talked normally. I am also planing to meet her at the Christmas family get to gather. 

It feels like some stones are falling off from my heart after this. That thing always bothered me and make me feels like I am not a good human as I could not forgive her from my heart. But now I feels the relief and peace in my soul.