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Some people are actually optimistic about Steem and believe that the price should be at 3.50 USD by now. What is your take on this? Do you think it's time to invest now that the price is low?

The way you asked the question reveals your pesimistic attitude towards Steem. Where is that coming from?  What makes you think of Steem from such a negative persepective? 

To answer your question, the lower STEEM price goes, the better it is for those who have the necessary, long term vision that allows them to see this uncut diamond STEEM, which is undergoing the process of cutting and polishing. When finished, I wouldn't be surprised to see STEEM in the top 10 on CoinMarketCap. On the contrary, I would be shocked not to see it get there in the next couple of years.

One point of my extreme bullishness towards the future of STEEM is that there are currently tens, which will  in the future going to be hundreds, if not thousands of Dapps built on top of the Steem blockchain. Every Dapp is racing to build their userbase and appropreately reward them for the amount of work they put into the content posted on their Dapp.  Remember that, whether they  know it or not, each user of a Steem based Dapp and each Steemian is producing some kind of value for the Steem blockchain.

Especially now when the RC system makes users power up if they don't want to be restricted in interacting with the blockchain.

 If any Steem based Dapp  ever reaches some form of success in  mainstream adoption, or is already an established app, or business in the centralized world, the price of STEEM will shoot up incredibly high.

Think of it from the game of numbers perspective. Odds are definitely in STEEMs favour. With thousands of dapps and businesses utilizing the Steem blockchain in some way, or another, STEEM is destined to reach massive heights  and lead the way of tokenizing the world and every single activity you can possibly imagine.

@actifit for fitness, @steepshot for pictures, @musing for q/a, @steempress for blogging, @cleanplanet for keeping the environment clean, etc

Soon there will be a Dapp rewarding users for anything you can think of.  With Steem we are entering  the Age of Abundance for everyone willing to accept it. 

Do you seriously think that a blockchain providing such immense value and  endless opportunities for those willing to take them is propperly valued at 50 cents per token?

Seriously, STEEM has, for the longest time been the most undervalued blockchain/cryptocurrency on the entire crypto  market.  It's about time investors start paying attention to it, or they will be shocked to see it in the top ten in a couple of years.

Also, don't forget 3 seconds and 0$ fee transaction times Steem has and how scalable it is.  Many other blockchains struggle in this deppartment and greatly admire Steem for what its able to achieve.

While most other blockchains are struggling to keep up with 200k transactions a day, Steem is   only utilizing a cool, James Bond, 0.07% of its capacity.

Dont believe me?  https://blocktivity.info/

The Steem blockchain has a lot going for it yet, the average crypto investor and the crypto market still isn't appreciating it for what it is and what it is destined to become.

THeir loss. Hope you don't  make the same one.

Of course, none of this is financial advice just my observations from beeing here   more than 17 months and doing extensive research on the subject.

   With Steem, I'm just "compounding bullishness"" as @theycallmedan so perfectly put it to words once.  I have been here before bidbots, let alone Dapps. I seen the potential all the way back then and I've been compounding that bulishness towards STEEM ever since. Even more so with the rise of Dapps, hf 20 and SMTs.  

With every new Dapp, project and initiative started on the  Steem blockchain I'm just that much more sure about where Steem is inevitably going to be in a couple of years. Sky high!

Even though, I want the downtrends to last for as long as possible to accumulate more tokens. In the same time I can't wait to have that " Told you so" moment with the non-believers and everyone who questioned this uncut diamond, thinking its a piece dirt while it is just a diamond which needs to be worked on and developed, to shine and show its true worth.

  Do I think it's time to invest now that the price is low? Yes, it's definitely a great time to invest in STEEM. I wouldnt do it all at once though, as the price might tank down further. So, I would either buy in fractions, every couple of days, or try to catch that dip. Not something I'm particularly good at as I bought STEEM at 1.5$ and 0.8$ both times thinking it's the bottom.

If you see the big picture and if you are here for the long run, any time to invest is great. These downtrends are exceptionally good opportunities. Discound/shopping times. Ones which I'm sure we won't get more of after this one year long bear goes away.



I think if you have the money that you can afford to invest, you totally should.  I would maybe wait a little bit though.  I think we are still going to see the price go down some more.  

If you don't have the money to invest, then  you really shouldn't.  It is to risky and speculative to be putting money that you need to pay bills into the market.

If the price were to fall below the $.30 mark I would probably be investing some more fiat into STEEM. 

That being said, I don't disagree that the price should really be higher than it is.  Unfortunately the price of Steem like many other crytpos seems to follow Bitcoin and with the recent fall of BTC and all of the drama surrounding Bitcoin cash it has made everything pretty much go in the tank.

There are lots of great projects being developed on STEEM right now that really should have the value of STEEM be much greater than it currently is.  Steem Monsters alone should have the price of STEEM be around $5.00 per STEEM.  It just a great project with so much potential, I am surprised that more people are not investing and helping the blockchain grow.

Keep an eye on the market and if you have some spare cash laying around, be ready to buy some STEEM and power it up.


I would wait for rock bottom first and then buy. We are not there yet and it could be another 20% or so before we see something of  a revival.

Steem should be valued at a lot higher and these are tremendous prices now. If I had the money I would ladder in by staggering my purchases as that way you get a better average price overall. 

If you bought a 1000 dollars today and it dropped another 25 % then you would feel stupid so do it gradually and get the best price .


I'm optimistic as well, currently not giving a single fuck on how market looks like. I was waiting for this moment so long man and I'm hyped as fuck about this dip. Whole market is struggling with lack of trust and FUD, therfore we can't expect anything positive in the near future. Personally I doubt that situation will change soon, not even in 2019. But at the same time it is a life opportunity since crypto and blockchain in general haven't even started making things they are promising to bring.

Steem is brilliant piece of software that provides economy and business models never seen before and the fact that Steem was listed as a second best blockchain based on research done by Chinese ministry of technology makes this hype even bigger. Steem developers are 6th most active devs on github which is amazing thing and really increases the trust within community. And the idea that steem is currently worth 0.5 dollars makes me want to dance around.

Keep working and be patient, good things will come eventually.


Yes, I do think it is time to buy. I'm buying, gradually, not the whole bunch at once, but spread it out. Just like @cryptocoffee said, if you buy for 1000$ now, and price lowers another 25%, you will feel stupid :-) So yes, I'm investing, gradually.


Yes I have read that article to whom you are referring about and my take is steem is always a good coin in crypo market and 0.51 usd per steem is really looking lucrative and one should enter in to it now and should have a long term plan, because short term plan may or may not work but in the long run these can really give nice return and the fundamental of steem coin has always been good and next year we have SMT release also, so many things are coming up and it is really an ideal time to invest in.

In a bear market fiat is always king but you should not forget that famous quote also "when others are fearful, you should be greedy". So I strongly feel that 0.4-0.5 usd per steem should hold good and if someone is planning to invest, then it is the ideal time put their money in to the market.

Thank you and Have a great day.


My take is Steem will fall to USD 0.2 - 0.30 in year 2019. I will buy it with hard earned money when Steem hits that low. All the Steem I earned so far are from contests and philanthropic upvotes from whales.


This is the best time to buy. It will definetely go up, but nobody knows when.  I'm sure it will start moving up in December.