What can you suggest to uplift the spirit of a boring office?

@Funtraveller, In my opinion, if we feel somewhere boring then we have to take the Initiative to make it more exciting means, for example, talk to your team and plan for daily twenty minutes game at office, and in this way that 20 minutes fun can give more enthusiasm for the whole day and more importantly the bonding between everyone will be strengthen, and family like environment will going to spread. And there can be introduced many creative initiatives which can make office environment really exciting. Stay blessed. 🙂


Every morning when you all arrive, make everyone do 'Baby Shark' but change the words to suit your office.

'Work is shite do do do du do do, work is shite.

Boss is dumb do do do du do do, boss is dumb

Etc etc. 

I think this would lift everyone's spirits. Please try it and tell us how it went! thank you for a great question ;-)


Hookers and blow. 😈


An office is never boring with me around as I lift everyone's spirits. I make the day interesting and change things up regularly.  keeping things light hearted is what I do best and no one gets bored. Fridays we normally have some snacks and drinks and I reward hard work with down time.

Buying lunch or treats breaks up the day and it is appreciated. The office is hardworking and we never have any issues.