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How would a 50/50 reward system change the way you curate or create content?
There had been proposal whereby the reward system will be 50% for curators & 50% goes to authors. What do you think is the positive / negative consequence to this?

Curation has been an open debate for quite some time and there are many people proposing to make it like 70/30, 60/40 or 50/50. I have also seen that once blocktrades also proposed 50/50 reward system for author/curator. I think next hard fork will be centered around it as it has been a long standing debate in steemit.

With 50/50 reward system, it may become lucrative from a curator's point of view and many curators will be interested to curate rather than delegating or selling their vote. But till now it is theoretical only. In reality how much it can motivate a curator is still a question mark and we do not have any such concrete evidence related to it. Because those people who always focus on profit first may find other ways very easily to make their upvote generate ROI for them in some way or the other. with indirect way of curation and being decentralized ecosystem it is practically impossible to check such type of activities.

Those who are genuine curators will definitely find this type rewards system very motivating for them and the curation mechanism may gain more popularity with this system in place. But the number of real and organic curators are really very few in steemit and most of the curation either comes from bot or from the communities. The individual curators are still not in good number in steemit. So along with this 50/50 reward system, steemit has to come with a different solution where there should be more number of individual curators and there should be a perfect balance between authors and curators.


This somewhat reminds me of DTube's attempt to increase curation on their platform before HF20 was released.

As some of you might already know, back then DTube takes away a cut of 25% out of one's author rewards (75% author/25% curators). The curation rewards however is given back to the "upvoters" of the said post in liquid Steem form using their @dtube.rewards account.

Doing some simple math, it is estimated that only 56.25% out of the post payout really goes to the author while the remaining 43.75% goes back to the curators.

At first look this really does entice accounts to curate posts on DTube, heck I even upvoted a few DTube posts before just to get some extra liquid Steem. However I think their approach still failed and there was little-to-no difference compared to curating on other Steem platforms. Some people even hated and didn't use DTube because of how big their cuts are.

One problem I noticed back then was that people are still inclined to upvote only their friends, orcas/whales and people who will likely help them to grow here on Steem. It is very rare for a plankton/minnow to get upvotes from other Steemians.

If ever a 50/50 reward system change is implemented, most content creators like myself would take the most hit on this. Why? Because even though in theory it will make people to curate on other peoples content, in reality they will still be upvoting the same people they are voting now.

A 50/50 payout would only make it harder for us content creators to grow.


I think it  is something that will most likely be tested at some point. Maybe not 50/50 but I would like to see a 60/40 maybe.

It wouldn't change the way I operate as i have  a few on auto voting but the rest I manually curate. Curation would definitely take on more importance and a little more thought.

Currently I make around 7 SP per week from 2000 SP so I would welcome another 15 or 20 Percent on top of that. Posts would have to change as well though for some as bid bots would take a back seat. Users couldn't afford to lose 40 percent or 50 percent of their investment to the bot owners.

It is definitely something to consider as the users will benefit more from the reward pool. it would take the rewards that the bots are making back into the pool.