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What is you're acceptable reading duration for a single post?
There was a time time when word count is being subjected to judgement among the community. Some are really particular in the amount of words that a poster write in a post. Lately, it seems that short posts are being accepted. What are your thoughts about it?

This is heavily determinant on the steem prices, there was a period of time when the influx of people coming here had to adhere to writing long posts with major word count, because the platform was still growing and communities were looking for very good long blog posts in order to reward them, so this communities felt that articles with very few words did not have enough work being put in them, the truth is that blog posts that actually had a lot of words are usually considered more quality because it is always considered that more work was being put in them.

The reason was that there was or there were big reward to actually here around unlike these days where major stakeholders may have left the platform or they are no longer into the business of rewarding content because the prices in the market and of steem is the reason why they've actually stayed away here, i believe that when the prices go up again and people start coming in again then these rules will come back to play because there will be a whole lot to be made and only deserved blog posts should actually earn these reward.

This is actually not my opinion but the way the system works in a very decentralized manner and also because people are the one responsible for rewarding people they demand well worded posts as this is a proof of quality to them, but these days people hardly care because the prices are low and they're actually not gonna get much. As for my time spent on a single post it is only determined by the length of the post or if it is a video, then it depends on the size of the video really, so every time I spent on the content is as a result of the size, how good the post is and also very entertaining too


Not all communities accept short posts. But I think the word count judgement did us all an awesome deal by making us become wonderful writers someone like me, although while I was a kid I used to write books but when I first joined the Steem platform I was not that good a blogger. It is those writing criterias set by most communities that have molded me.

Yes! Short posts are now accepted but content curators have the criterias in which they use to identify a good content post.

It is good that steemit users are advised about word count as it will really help the Steem platform produce more fantastic bloggers. There are people who have the talent to blog but are yet to discover it.

Thank you.


I'm not setting a time duration to read a post. If it looks interesting to me, I will give it a time to read regardless of its length. There may some lengthy posts, and there are times when I don't have much time to spend reading it, I'll just scan some parts of it. Other times, I bookmark the post then come back to read it on my free time.