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What is the most selfless thing that you've done in your life that made you happy?
In the society that we are preoccupied with our responsibilities at work & obligations at home that we forget about the people or things in our surroundings.

The most? I can't pinpoint one. I've given up my sleep to help a friend bake a cake, all night.

I've given out the last in my account just so a friend can eat.

Although in recent times, I recently went on a project with a few of my friends. We decided to feed kids on the street of my city; dirty and unkempt kids trooped in, the microbiologist in me was weary of going close, but I realized they just needed a bright smile and a soft touch to give them hope so, discarding my fear, I carried some of those young ones, played with them and I saw them happy. The smiles on their faces was satisfactory.


on of my major objective and goal in life is to be selfless and be a philanthropist and reliving the experience of something i've done that's selfless and made me happy at the same time brings back nostlgic memories.

about a year ago or so, when the economy of my country was in recession and the financial crisis was looming, it was hard to keep up with expenses because finances wasn't flowing the way it should but despite that i met somebody who was in dire need of some financial assistance while i was in need of financial assistance myself.

the person wanted to obtain a form to further his education, while i wanted to upgrade one of my gadgets i use for my work. it just so happens that the money i had to spare to upgrade my gadget was what the person exactly needs to obtain the form and he might lose the chance to do that for life.

it was a very hard decision because the economy was hard and it took my sometime to gather up that money to upgrade my gadget so that i can  be able to do some jobs i couldnt do before but here is a fellow that needs to secure his future and i might just be the only one to help him. i was stuck in a quagmire.

i decided to go the bank and withdraw the money then i went to the individual and gave him the money, it wasn't an easy thing to do but when i saw tears of joy in eyes of that individual my heart melted and ever since i've sworn to help anybody i can which anything i have and i follow the words of Thodore Roosevelt that goes thus "do what you can with what you have where you are". this as been my guiding principle for selfless service and philanthropity. 


 There are so many things in my life that I did for someone.
First I did help of my some friends in their work and written work, like the assignment. I feel really glad to help my friends in their work and difficulties. Whenever needs my friend my time and help, I'll available every time to helping each other.

So second is I feel really happy to helping needy peoples to give some food, cloth, and some happiness. That was just awesome moments for me to help especially needy peoples who have not to afford the daily budget. 

Whenever wherever I see someone they have in trouble I surely reach to help that person. Because God loves peoples who help other humans. 

I told you the best work in your life to give some smile and happiness to others. That's is the life. We should never selfish in our life don be greedy for yourself. We should always help needy peoples in their life. When you start doing this you feel more happiness.
I my life the most selfless work to helping others and give him happiness. 😊😊😊