How to gauge your leadership skills? Is there a guideline for it?

1. When you can resolve conflicts in the workplace faster. Or prevent conflicts from happening at all. Conflict is part of any workplace drama. It's these occasions where you can test how much you can influence other people's decision making with your authority or charisma. If you can diffuse the situation fast and maintain positive results, then that's a good sign you got something going on. 

2. Having information readily handed to you without you soliciting it frequently. Gossip in the workplace or even corporate news circulates all the time. If you're late on the news then there's something wrong with your network. It's easy to ask someone to tell you what's up but it's another thing to have people approach you and give you news. This means people look want to hear about your input on the matter. It's more on gauging how your subordinates are willing to engage with you. 

3. Being ahead of the person in charge. This means your network or information sources offer you faster updates than the person that's supposed to bring you news. If you stay ahead of them, then you can predict they next move and make informative decisions  before they ask you to. Consider investing some skills in information gathering in the workplace. Leaders will always be put to the test by their subordinates. How good are you at detecting your employee's inadequacies? They will hide what they need to hide but they will respect you if you can figure them out and send a message that there's no point in hiding from you. 

4. Composure. No matter what the circumstances maybe, always have it. Whenever subordinates see their leaders in distress, it break morale. You're expected to know everything even if you don't. Even if you don't know the answer, give a clear message that you know how to get the right answer instead.