What do you think about the MLM (Multi Level Marketing) companies?
Is it still a good oportunity to work in MLM or not so? My opinion is if the product is good yes but still nowdays many people are disapointed. So what do you think?

No because as a promotor of these MLM schemes you are always on the bottom level. They make a lot of big promises about making money to lure in opportunity seekers but in reality they take advantage of these people.

Herbalife is a good example of this.


From an economic perspective (setting ethics aside) it would make more sense to start your own MLM and let other people do all the work for you. But personally, i don't like those type of businesses at all. 

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I had worked in many MLM plans and even join many company prime membership. But if you think MLM plans will be here for long term than you are totally wrong. Because MLM company only works because of you people when you work they earn money otherwise the company would be close without your effort and work.

According to me MLM company are here for maximum 2-3 years rather some company has good product than only it can run for long term. As i was working with SSD Sahyog it was an MLM company upto 30 levels earning and after reaching you will get big cars and house. I have reached upto 23 level and the company was close and they left away from their office. There are many examples regarding MLM plans like Zedex, Zarfund..etc. This all are company i have worked hard and at the time pf payment the company left and run. So i have left those company and started my carrier in cryptocurrency. And yes it very difficult to gather audience in MLM plan to reach at higher level.

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This is the most difficult business I've ever done in my life and I'll never do it again.. I think Mlm is a good opportunity for early birds and serial marketers but when people stop coming in, they fail fast..


Multi level marketing is not for everyone. It is actually for people who enjoy long-suffering and actually, no one enjoys long-suffering.

Therefore, I would say that multi level marketing is for no one. After attending several seminars in the past concerning them, still I was indecisive to join. I refused to join.


Because persons who tried convincing me to join and preached of massive wealth and enjoyed prosperity had no evidence of it on themselves.

I would have loved to mention some of these companies and brands but for the purpose of avoiding damage and keeping privacy, I refrain from such.

But what I'm saying from my experience so far is that, these people always speak with sugarcoating tongues that if care is not taken you would jump on the offer with weighing deeply the advantages and disadvantages.

However, I've seen a few who have made genuine profit and good wealth from multi level marketing (MLM). Most times, this set of people are always early adopters of the program.

Others eventually make massive profit from it with serious hardwork and consistency. Yet it's rare to see people succeed at MLM.

Finally, I would say before you jump into any MLM, if you are the strong hearted, high risk taker and enjoys long-suffering, please do your research well before opting for any.

Thank you for reading.

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I think it's not easy to do this business noawadays. Unless it was still new. This model has been in existence for around maybe fifty or more years. It's not to say that we can't make it but it won't be an easy journey.

I think it's better for you to build up your own business rather than spend time working on this type of business. I used to be an avid fan of this but It did not work out for me. You need to be a bit of a thick skinned person plus a person with great determination to be able to make it in this field. The first thing is that, i admit the products sold by the MLM companies are usually of great quality but so is the price which is marked up much much higher. For example the toothpaste, maybe you can get it from the supermarket for around 3 bucks but the MLM company sells it for maybe 20 bucks and claims that the reason why it's sold at such a high price is the differences in the quality of their product which is much more superior.

Nowadays as we move into the digital age, the competition for goods is much higher than it used to be. If I wanted to buy things nowadays, I would usually go online and have a look. You can just try it out by introducing the product to the people around you and see if you get any interest. MLM companies make sure that no matter what they are the big winners. If you don't sell and your friends don't consume you get nothing.

The entry of barrier is low that anyone can get in and sell. There have been some cases that MLM companies have suddenly dissappeared and money dissappeared. You can give it a shot but just be a bit more cautious. There are lots of other ways to earn unlimited amount of cash.

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The whole model of multilevel marketing is dubious at best. Often those companies sell quite overpriced goods to their members or often so called partners and those in turn try to find others willing to buy them and possibly be a member or partner as well. They earn a percentage of those sales and often a percentage of the sales of the partners they have recruited. Hence the term multilevel marketing. But that is not the point why those companies are so dubious and questionable.

There is a lot of pressure for the members to be successful and to recruit more and more partners. Very soon it becomes apparent that it is not about the products they sell but about personal development and growth and guess what. In order to be successful and grow and develop ones personality and have an independent and financially free life they are told that they need to participate in seminars, lots of seminars, books, videos, audio tapes, CDs and large events in order to listen to particularly successful guest speakers, etc. All of that will cost a lot of money. The member needs to recruit lots of people who will come to these seminars, buy those educational books and tapes etc.

If the member is in doubt about the whole system and struggles to recruit new people he is told that he or she does not try hard enough and that he or she should never take no for an answer when people do not want to be recruited. Thus the member participates in more seminars and is told to recruit everyone he knows: their partners, their parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, colleagues, neighbours, the staff of the supermarket where they buy groceries, just simply bloody everybody. If the member still struggles to convince the people around him to join this fabulously successful system, guess what he or she still is not persistent enough and needs more education and he is told to get rid of the negative people around him and thus end friendships and even stop any contact with family or even abandon his or her partner. Looks a bit like brain washing doesn‘t it?

I experienced the dangers of such a system first hand. One member of my family tried to recruit my partner and me for ages. Luckily for us to no avail. We visited some introductory evenings where we were repeatedly told that the members are so successful and soooo happy and could not imagine how they had ever lived without that system. To look at these people and listen to them made me feel uncomfortable, as I could see that something was profoundly wrong.

When she met us or called us she had only one topic to talk about...her wonderful system and its benefits for all mankind. She had reached, so she told us, a high level in the hierarchy of that system and would be absolutely financially independent. Guess what, she repeatedly tried to borrow money from us, she apparently struggled to make ends meet and was getting more nervous day by day. In order to succeed, which she did not, she even tried several such systems and instead of living happily and financially free she spend nearly 70 to 80 hours a week in order to recruit people, do seminars, etc. When we told her about the dangers of what she was doing and that she was not herself any more we had a huge argument and she stopped seeing us for almost a year. I think these systems are dangerous in so far that they pressure people and try to get complete psychological control over them, almost like a cult. Often they try to recruit even highly vulnerable people. The members get inscrupulous and when they are recruiting they do so with highly questionable tactics like scaring people about a bleak future, the demise of economy, the loss of jobs, etc.

When someone offers you a multilvel marketing system be very very careful. I would even say: run!!! I wish you all the best :)

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To each their own...

I’ve been there, done that, never again.