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Did you know the Discord software before Steemit and how did Discord groups contribute to your Steemit experience?

Actually I didn't know about Discord before Steemit.

I had no idea, I guess I was just too busy with Facebook that I forgot the outer world.

While in a way this FB lead me to Steemit and after that the rest is indeed a history. A lot of things have happened. I was opened to a new world of crypto and many things that I thought does not existed came right in front me. Like who would have thought that I could share my ideas and I can get appreciated by others and in a way I can as well earn from them. While I am glad I am in here and the coming days are going to be great as well.

While after I joined Steemit than I get to know about Discord and little after I started joining different communities and little my little my journey became much more big over the time.

If Steemit is a School than all the parties runs in Discord (It is in my point of view). I got to make friends not that I do not have any friends in Steemit or other dapps but chatting with them is kind of another feeling over in Discord.

While after I started to give my time in Discord  I learned about most of the things that I was not aware of like MUSING I got to know that from a D.Server and I tried it out and yeah here I am  sharing my experience now. If not for Discord I would not have heard about it, while even if I had did it would have been far from when it would have crowded and I would had a less chance to share my experience. 

Well lots of things can be learn from Discord if you are on the right server/from right friends.

Yeah Discord played a major role in my Steem Journey and it sure will in the coming days as well.


Great question!

I encountered discord before my Steem experience, but I didn't become a serious discord user until Steem. Mostly I used to to join interesting channels for science and tech, but it was only something I used while I was bored.

Having connected my Steem experience with discord, it's become an essential tool for networking. I've started working collaboration projects with other users, and some users I maintain communication with on a daily basis.

I would highly recommend discord to all members of the Steem blockchain. It's a highly efficient communication tool for users on a socially driven blockchain network.


I didn't know Discord before Steemit. I am not a really active user of Discord, but still, I think it contributes greatly, especially when you are a new member.

When I first joined Steemit, I seriously had no idea what to do. I didn't know anyone, so I couldn't ask any questions. Then, I found about Discord, and I could find communities that helped me to find my way. I met people, asked questions, and started to feel like I became a part of the community. 

It is always nice to realize that there are others ready to help you. Discord make me see that exactly. Now I spend time in Discord to help others, as well. I have seen several questions about whether Steemit needs a chatroom or something similar. I definitely think it would need one, if there wasn't something like Discord.