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When have you hit rock bottom? What did you do to get back up again?
I've been there,. I lost everything I owned, even my dog. And it took me years to get back on my feet again. I had no one. No friends, no family, and even no home for a short while. Life sucked. In a massive way. But thankfully I have a qualification that few people have so I was able to get back to work and in a decent position reasonably quickly. But I do NOT ever want to be back there gain. What's your story?

Honestly I wouldn't say that I have been at rock bottom myself. I mean I've had some terrible stuffs happen to me im life and I've gone through some really terrible cases but I think I know a thing or two-- from the outside looking in-- about hitting rock bottom, and I wouldn't say exactly that I've been at that place yet.

But like I said I do have some ideas, that is albeit third person, that I would nonetheless like to share.

First I'm going to be discussing the ways by which you can know when you've hit rock bottom and then I'm going to be discussing the way by which you can get out of that position. So first what exactly is rock bottom?

Rock bottom is the situation you find yourself in life when you're at the lowest point you can absolutely be. Of course most of the time it can be pinpointed to a certain aspect of your life but the effect is always so profound overall and with such high gravity that regardless of which area it is, it affects ALL other areas of your life and you know that you are at the absolute, absolute worst place you can be.

But there is also an advantage. Because like they say, when you hit rock bottom; when you're at the basest place you can ever be, then the only logical place you can go from there, is up! You can only go up from there you can't go down again and that is a sort of comfort that should drive you.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. First what are the ways by which you can know that you've hit rock bottom?

One: You Find Yourself Alone and Life Becomes Absolutely Hopeless.

Let's face it once you become an absolute fuck up in life, and even going down and down and spiralling out of control and finally we eat that rock bottom and I repeat nobody would want to be around you anymore. Not even your own friends not even your family not even the people you grew up with. So when you find yourself completely alone with everybody avoiding nobody to talk to, you know you've hit rock bottom.

Of course when this happens you find out you're overwhelmed by an absolute hopelessness of life. Because you see no prospect anywhere, you're sited on your bed all day you know every square inch of your house and can navigate your way with your eyes closed; and your last trip outside was to visit the delivery guy who brought you pizza. Then you know you've hit the great Rock Bottom.

Two: You Look Like Shit, You're Indifferent and Lazy, You Start to Hate the World and You Lose All Drive and Ambition

Let's face it, a person who has hit rock bottom will never look attractive. So when you find yourself looking shitty everyday with your hair all messed up and disheveled and your face all swollen and your bloated and you not having the strength or the will or the enthusiasm to freshen up at any time and you don't even want to get out of bed anymore and your only hobby is to hate the world and whatever freaking circumstances got you on this mess in the first place. When u start doing these you know you've hit Rock Bottom.

Sadly, too, a sign that you've hit rock bottom is that you do not want to ever try to attempt anything anymore. You find yourself defeated and you've given up. This is when you know you're at rock bottom. And ironically this is when you need to start trying the most. Why, you ask? Simple. Like I said, at rock bottom you're down. At the lowest point in life. Meaning you can't go down anymore. Meaning you have absolutely NOTHING to lose. So the question at that point becomes not Why? but why not?

There's a high probability that anything you do at this point will will only get you higher. It doesn't matter if it's just a little progress, but whatever you do, whatever you attempt will never get you down because you're down already! And there's such a beauty in this assurance that you can never have anywhere but there, so you keep coming up, little by little, and the beautiful thing about this is that when you see yourself making progress you get motivated by this progress to keep on trying and when you keep on trying you keep on making even more progress and on and on in that cycle until you find yourself at a more colorful place in life!

Another way you can get up from rock bottom is by realzing that most of the time rock bottom is like mining gold. I know this is a funny analogy but it's actually funny when you think about. I say that mining gold because most of the times this grave that is called rock bottom is something that we normally dig ourselves into. Sure life throws shits at us but it is also equally important the way we choose to respond to the shit.

So when you find yourself at rock bottom it means that you've made some terrible and shitty life decisions. And you should realize that this should make you feel optimistic, and not the other way around!

Because you know that if really you got yourself into the mess, then you know its very possible that it is very much in your power for you to get yourself out of it! You may have struck good by hitting rock bottom, too. And this optimism is an important way to get out. Most of the successful people around are people who've known what true rock bottom is. But they didn't let it derail them. They let it inspire them and they not only got out they became better. You can do the same.

Also it helps greatly at that point to reminisce on your life, meditate and examine where everything went wrong, pick up a book, read, get inspired by people; by people's story-- people who have been in the same place you are-- find a new hobby if you can, get out of the house, push yourself to not be lazy, and with all this I'm sure it'll be more than possible to get back on your feet again and thrive!

Cheers and have a nice day.


This is a post!


Ok, here we go....

The only time I've really been the worst through my entire life, the time where I really touched the bottom of the barrel was when my Ex left like... exactly a year ago.

I know it sounds kindof dumb and maybe not comparable to losing someone dear in your life like one of your family members or your dog cat or the likes but hey, from my own point of view it was one of the biggest tragedies my whole being suffered a tragedy of that intensity.

We were together for almost three years. I met her during my first days of college and we instantly clicked. Both of us were Nintendo fans, were into the geek/comic culture and had a lot of things in common, it was basically a match made in dreams, or so I thought back then. 

Fast forward 2 years and 8 months aproximately and you end up at this point where my relationship with her was at the brink of destruction. You see, a lot of things had happened, but one thing that persevered was the fact that things were not going good for us. The tension was tangible when were together and there actually was a third actor involved in this whole ordeal which only made it worse for me if you get what i'm meaning.

The conflict basically concluding in she telling me she didn't want to maintain our relationship because she had developed feelings for someone else, and that absolutely tore my heart into millions of little pieces, even if I didn't fully recognize it back then. But it wasn't the fact that she would leave me what affected me the most, this situation shook my whole being because I unknowingly of this, gave her all I had to offer. And when I had given her everything, I indirectly made my life circle around her and not me.... I felt like a whole chunk of my life had left me and I had no way of bringing it back.

I couldn't even stare at my mom without wanting to cry uncontrollably. I spent entire weeks crying everynight untill I fell asleep. I also had random and severe paranoia and anxiety attacks, I could go from not being able to get up from my bed to wanting to stab someone who looked at me in a weird manner. Those moments were truly the worst, I really feel like I stopped being myself for like two months straight before I actually started to feel better and become myself again.

My recuperation process started very slowly, but once it started I was headed to being back on my own two feet again without anyone holding me back. My friends had a huge impact in this, they gave me the comfort I needed and also gave me the right advice so I could speed my recovery as fast as I could. I don't have the best relationship with my family in these terms so I couldn't totally pour how I was feeling to them without feeling vulnerable or uncomfortable, so I only had my friends to receive support from. 

Another person who I owe a whole lot to in terms of helping me close this cycle is my current girlfriend (9 months and counting!) who showed me what it was to feel loved by someone again, and it was really weird because I felt like I was dating what I initially offered to my EX once I met her back then in 2014. But this was like the seal of approval that determined I could go back to a normal life and back to my hobbies after the destruction and rebirthing of myself finished. 

So basically what helped me in what I consider my darkest time were my friends. They told how I should maintain my distance and not look for comfort in anyone else at that moment, how I should learn to be comfortable on my own and not need anyone to feel happy by myself. I just simply gave myself some time with myself and managed to rediscover who I was and what I wanted to be. My now girlfriend helped to finally put a nail in the coffin that whole situation was, but in the end it wasn't that bad and I consider my breakup as something I had to go through to apreciate who I am and what I deserve... And I ended up coming on top of my hardships.

I don't ever want to enter that void of desperation again but I doubt I will ever again. I know how to handle my relationships, feelings and overall wellbeing now. I really learned to consider myself a priority inside my own life.

So that's my story... I hope you've at least enjoyed the ride. Let's hope we don't enter that void of desperation and helplessness ever again my dude.


Many people hit rock bottom, and what that picture looks like for one, may not be as severe as it is for another, but it's certainly a sign that major need for change is present, or for some, a terrible wave of what could be considered bad luck. It definitely happens.

For me, it was one year after discharging from military active service. I had developed an addiction to alcohol, which became so severe it cost me my job, and ultimately my home, which led to even heavier use of alcohol and drugs. 

This battle with addiction lasted ten years, and I'm still picking the pieces back up. Two years I've been in sobriety, and life has still been difficult at times. It isn't rainbows and fairytale's,  and many day's are still shitty and difficult, but life has become much better, and many doors have opened as a result.

This all boiled down to a decision. I had to make a definitive choice. To either spend my time utilizing my capacity for positive social and economic growth, or spend the rest of my life in a bottle. For me, the choice was easy, but the change was not. I needed to suffer many relapses before something in my thought process changed. Close calls with death didn't even get me to stop. Perhaps the thought of my children growing up disappointed in me was the tipping point. I am grateful today that I was able to make a change.

It's a painful topic for many to discuss, but also very important that we are able to recognize when we've hit our bottom, and make appropriate changes to positively influence the direction our life is heading. 

Good question! Thank you. 


When we have reached the bottom, all that is left is to climb! Push the body upwards. Surely we feel the need to stay at the bottom, because among the things we have lost, surely are the forces to continue fighting. It is not bad that for a moment you sit down and you can breathe, analyze the reasons that made you fall, lick your wounds, but then you must shake the dust and begin to climb. When you've hit bottom, you've seen how far you can fall, you've seen the worst of yourself, and that scares you. You know the bitter vertigo of the fall, you know human, broken and even with many wounds, that's why you can not get close to the abysses, what has made you fall, because as a magnet you are again attracted, and remember that you are weak. And if there is one thing worse than hitting bottom, it is to go out and fall again. Because if that happens, even you lose hope in yourself. 


When I was suicidal everyday I decided to read the Bible for myself before I cut my wrists. By the time I got to chapter 38 of Genesis I felt better for some reason. Months later I read a book called Destined To Reign by Joseph Prince. My entire life transformed when I started watching his sermons daily on YouTube https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkT47_7k7oM


Its when someone attacked me online, offline and everywhere. Someone spread bad vibes and news which totally made me depressed when in fact, he does a lot of things online which I was just silent about. 

It is when he asked for sympathy to all. Posting heartbrokenness stuff that at first, he cannot do someone on a thing that is not his decision. He just needs to respect the decision of someone. Often he things that the more the relationship lasts, the more it cannot be untied. He doesn't know the real story behind it and that he overreact.

There were lots of reasons why he only seek for fame and sympathy rather than have the idea of being "broken". I totally hate it because he destroyed us in all aspects. We choose to remain silent but he's still posting a lot of negativities and heartache in life. 

Well, I'm happy because I got some real friends who constantly advised me to remain silent. Don't visit on that person's post and just don't give a damn care of him. He was just in the idea of overthinking. Sometimes, its just so annoying to see.


I have hit rock bottom but not in the way that I lose my assets. It's from a really high place and then I've dropped somewhat downwards but had to somewhat worked on it and decide how to get up. Seek out for some a mentor to give some advice and slowly pick up from there. I read some books and paused for a while on doing the same stuff that failed. Just went and hibernate and relaxed for a while and waited for sometime till everything was clear.


Always be thankful for those things/people that you have in your life. We tend to take these things for granted when we have everything, but after losing everything it's good to be thankful for the opportunities, people and everything that helps you back on your feet. Later on you just need to keep recognizing the things you have to be thankful for and not forget them. Then thrive on those things to get back on your feet. Keep evolving and making connections. Be kind as kind as you can to everyone.

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