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What could make some contents not to be upvoted on musing.io?

I believe that Musing has a team of curators that only upvotes good content, and tries to stay away from upvoting questions or answers that are a bit spammy, contain wrong information, has been repeated several times already, or is breaking any of the rules on the site. 

If you do write good questions and answers, then you will likely get upvoted for it, but keep in mind that you are not guaranteed to get an upvote even if you write a great answer. The curation team do not owe it to anyone to upvote their post, but I would still say that you are very likely to get some nice upvotes if you put in time to write a great question or answer. 

There's actually a document called "Musing Curation Guidelines" that is public, and it can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WKYGhdPhLKNHytsxAPPQiXyv5UBY6nUKM8IhG5PUgfA/edit?usp=sharing

Basically this document tells the curators which questions and comments to upvote, so you can use that to get some tips on how to write good questions/answers. So my advice to anyone that want upvotes is to read that document and put in some effort to make better content. 


Firstly not every answer has to be upvoted. Nothing is guaranteed and shouldn't be expected.

When something is not upvoted it could be for a number of reasons. If something has been copied from another site such as plagiarism then the curators of musing are not stupid and can see. 

Lately going through some of the answers you can see who has used their own words or not.. You must put something into your words and don't just copy/paste.

If there are loads of answers on a question and they are very good answers and yours is poor you mustn't expect any rewards. There are only so many votes a day and the busier the site gets there are going to be lots of questions and answers getting no votes. That is the reality of having a limited number of votes per day.

Just answer a question to the best of your ability and you should have a decent chance of receiving a vote.


To put it bluntly, quality. We had a similar discourse yesterday where we were asked to rate the platform on a scale of 1 to 10.

While quality is an abstract measurement, it is best evaluated by the amount of usefulness the information provides on the platform.

As things stand right now, genuine, useful content is being made to compete with spam-like contents especially on the question side.

The best way to discourage such content is by ignoring them rather than rewarding them with upvotes.

The moderators at Musing.io are especially careful about this and try to be thorough in their reviews.

Also as a user, I tend to ignore spam-like questions/answers (even though intentions are difficult to discern) and focus on rewarding and answering the useful ones.

If the content is of quality, it will definitely be rewarded.


Whoop! nice question, I also tried many times and give my cool feedback to question but i did not get upvote it is manual curation boss. we don't know why? but the team will know why is it done?


Some posts on musing.io will not get upvotes

For many different reasons which also depends

On the other users on the musing.io platform,

But before i give reasons why i feel some users

Do not usually give upvotes to others,let me first

State that it is good to create good questions or

Give sensible answers to questions that people are asking on this very wonderful platform

Some of the reasons why so many posts do not get some upvotes is that some users on musing.io

Are so concentrated on making money rather than add value so that makes them to loose interest in upvoting any post that they feel is a very good content and deserves to be upvoted

Some are not upvoting because they assume that their upvotes might not be really that effective on the platform and they believe that a good question or answer will get upvotes from musing.io themselves so they feel no need for them to spend their own voting power on a post which they feel will potentially get upvotes that will worth more than they want to give