Why do some people feel prostititution should be banned?

I am not against or in support either,i am just in between but i would give my opinion about the advantages and disadvantages of prostititution so that people can know where to pitch their tent and make their final decisions whether to support prostitution or go against prostitution....let me start with the advantages first then i will now mention the disadvantages too..


1...prostitution helps to create more jobs in the society because there are many jobless ladies and guys that now have source of income through prostitution and that could reduce the crime rate in a society...

2...Prostitution can help some people to be able to ease sexual pressure because it means that a man that is sexually active but do not have a partner can simply just walk into a brothel and get to have sex with any prostitute of his choice and he gets sexually relieved and goes back home happily...


1....Prostitution usually leads to an increase rate of sexual diseases because some people sleep with prostitutes unprotected and they get infected with a sexually transmitted disease and also there are some form of sexual infections that someone could still be infected with even if they used condoms...

2...prostitution has been known to be the major jobs that human traffickers use young ladies for,most human traffickers takes many innocent young ladies to a country to make them forcefully engage in prostitution,so the more prostitution still exists then the higher we will be having more human trafficking cases...

3...Prostitution could also affect the psychology of many people and make them to start looking women generally as a sexual objects that they can just sleep with whenever they want as long as they have money to pay,that is why some men will want to desperately sleep with any lady and entice her with money and if the lady refuses then the man might rape her....

4...Prostitution could also make some people to become very addicted to sex and sex addiction has alot of disadvantages which is not good for the society...


Banning prostitution is a goal shared by religious conservatives and a majority of feminists. The reason why religious conservatives want to ban prostitution is pretty clear. They want to protect the family because every religion has increasing its subscribers as a central goal and getting everyone to marry and have legitimate children helps achieve that goal. Most feminists list many kinds of things they think are bad for women about prostitution, including the fact that it sometimes victimizes women (as a blanket statement that is not really true although in some cases it is true). But the gist of why they oppose prostitution is because some women offering sexual services in exchange for money weakens women's collective bargaining position vis-a-vis men. There is a minority of feminists, however, whose line of thinking is individualistic. These feminists emphasize the right of every woman to decide what they do with their bodies, including their right to exchange sexual services for money.

Many so-called liberals have adopted the point of view of of the majority of feminists. This is why prostitution is either banned outright or partially banned in much of the West. In religious conservative countries in the third world, it is usually illegal (but may be prevalent nonetheless).


Maybe this will happen if prostitution is legalized.

1. Human Trafficking Increases

The more demand for women employed in prostitution, the more women will be needed. If not many workers consciously surrender themselves, kidnapping or trafficking in women will occur. If this situation worsens it is not impossible that children will also be trafficked given the fantastic benefits.

Of course it was terrible to imagine. This kind of crime regardless of age or background, especially for women who will often become victims. The effect is prolonged. Can increase the number of social problems due to trauma victims, missing people, to families left behind. This is just one thing, there is still another chaos that can arise from the effect at the next point.

2. Deadly Disease Will Spread

Legalization of prostitution will indirectly increase the risk of someone famous for HIV / AIDS. Okay, let's say that person has used a safety like a condom, but the possibility of it leaking still happens. In addition to HIV / AIDS other infectious diseases can also be found, such as syphilis which is very terrible. Legalization of prostitution without awareness of health will only bring a long-term disaster. Problems with medical expenses, ostracism and so on.

3. Women Don't Have Self-Esteem Again

Women will be increasingly not considered by men. Although the possibility of male prostitution can occur. When prostitution is legalized, some men will see women as a commodity. They will not be humanized. The man always thinks that money can buy the woman he wants more easily.

This will also make it difficult for women to get their justice, both single and married. And we will return to a time when women must fight for their rights. Many inequalities will be understood and harm women more than men.

4. There are many places for prostitution

The increasing number of commercial sex workers will make the emergence of many places of prostitution. It could be an esek-esek tourist destination which is quite tempting. Perhaps overseas workers will also move here if the market is large and promising.


yeah some people feel prostitution should be banned because they feel that prostitution is immoral and they

believe that sleeping with a prostitute is immoral and

that it is a sin,but as for me i do not think prostitutution should be banned because as weird as it may

sound,prostitution has done more good than harm,yeah you heard me right....prostitution has made some people to have a source of income without hurting someone

else,also it enables some people to have sex whenever they feel like without having to lie to aninnocent lady just

to get into her pants,i cannot imagine how the society will be if there is no prostitutes at all,i believe it would increase the rape cases because some men have poor

control over their sexual libido and always want to have sex at all cost whenever they are horny,well prostitution also has many bad sides but if we weight the positives

and negatives i think the positives are more than the negatives in my own opinion...