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What steps should be taken in other to start an ecommerce company?

The most important step is selling strategy.  You could design every step and detail, but if your selling strategy is not working, all decorations and plans are trash. 

There are some steps to make it in a proper plan:

- Deciding what you are going to sell: You should make market analysis and rival comparison in order to tak your place with your strategy. This is important for not failing and making realistic plan for your work. 

- Finding your supplier: This is essential to make enough profit. If you choose right supplier, you could make more profit decreasing your cost for the product. 

- Finding your target audience: You have to know your audience so that you could have a selling strategy. You should study their interests and other social behaviors in order to use in your strategy. 

- Preparing your ecommerce website: This is all technical, you could give this job some professionals or you could use some ready content websites. 

- Finding your team: You could start alone, but eventually you will have work sharing and team working together. Before you need a team member, you should desing your work sharing plan and who you do it together. 

- SWOT Anaysis: You know swot analysis very crucial for ever work at the beginning ( Strengths, Weaknesses, Oppurtunities, Threats ).  You should determine these factors and need enough financial power to keep you at least 6 months without sale. 

These are steps I would do for my business. I already have ecommerce shop and used every step in action. 

I hope this helps