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Please, how to I stop my power down?
I needed money so badly so I had to power down, now I don't know how to stop it

This explains your question. 

1. Wallet

2. You can find the arrow on Steem.  There are 3 options: Power Down, Buy and Cancel Power down

3. If you want to stop : Click Cancel Power Down

Steem power is a measure of your influence on Steemit platform. The more steem power you have, the more your influence on Steemit and the more your upvote quality. Most whales and investors prefer developing their steem power by buying more steem and powering up their steem power to gain more influence on the Steemit community.

Steem powering down or stepping down is sometimes done by every Steemit Users whenever they are in need of money or whenever they want to transact their Steem cryptos. Sometimes we will want to power down our steem power or step down our steem power. The below step is required. Follow these easy steps below.

* Log in to steemit.com and input your user Steemit username and password.

* Click on wallet

* Click on steem power. You will notice an arrow facing downwards. After clicking, you will see power down or buy

* Click on power down

* Click on the amount of steem you want to power down.

Those are the easy steps of power powering down your steem power. Always ensure you improve your steem power and keep developing the steem blockchain. Remember we all win together when we develop the community.

Thanks for reading 💗

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Simply click on "cancel power down", you can see that option in your SP Balance.

You don't have to worry that much. Its very simple.

Open your account.
Go to your wallet.
Go to balances tab.
Click on where it shows the amount of steempower you have. A drop down menu will appear.
Click on Power down.
Verify using your active key and viola. you are done.

As easy as that.
Open your account click on wallet option then select steem power down arrow option. You will see there stop power down option click and cancel power down.
Hahaha, Its really frustrating when people don't even read the question. I wish I could help but sorry I honestly don't know. regards @inuke Wish someone answer to this soon enough. Now I wish that I read the thread properly :-D
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