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Do you think cryptocurrency would experience a bull run similar to the one that happened towards the end of 2017/early 2018?

You can never know what a market is going to do.... there are way too many variables.

If I had to guess, then I'd say that I don't think so.

I think that bull run was extraordinary, and we'll probably never see cryptocurrency rise that quickly ever again.  I think instead we'll see a much slower gradual rise... the market might very likely hit higher market capitalization and coins might be worth even more than they were in Dec 2017, but I think it will take a lot longer.

Have you ever heard the phrase "once bitten, twice shy"?  I think this sums up the general populations outlook on Bitcoin.  The last bull run was based and irrational FOMO... everyone was talking about it and lots and lots of people either bought in at the market highs, or know someone that did.

This means that a huge number of retail investors would have lost money as they've sold since then, and now would be very unlikely to invest again.

The thing is... we don't want a bull run like that... and we don't want speculative investors that are just trying to cash in on the Bitcoin/USD pairing.  Cryptocurrency isn't an investment, it's a transformative technology.   We want people to purchase coins because they are going to use them, not because they want to hold them and then sell them for profit.  These types of investors actually hurt the industry because the volatility of the market makes people less inclined to earn or pay for products using crypto.

We want communities to use cryptocurrency, but they're not going to while it's still hard to use, slow, and volatile. 

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With almost total certainty something like that will not happen in the near future, and is that if we analyze a little what happened with the crypto currency markets last year was somewhat chaotic and uncontrollable price increases were excessive and I think that's the reason why markets are currently a bit stuck.

Well said my father "Everyone wants to be the first to have the new toy" and unfortunately that happened last year, factors such as people had cash available by the end of the year and the advertising that began to emerge about the crypto coins and that was what caused the market to have an injection of capital so disproportionate that I lead to somewhat absurd prices.

However, I want to believe and I hope that crypto coins will not be treated and handled as a fad but as a future economic model that will take the main place in the rest of economic models, which will undoubtedly make prices rise progressively.

In conclusion, there will not be an explosion in prices, but I do believe that prices will rise with the passage of time.


By and by I grasp that there should be cause for stress inside the computerized cash arrange, especially in case you are simply bit of this system to make money speculating on coins. Everything considered, all coins and tokens, in the wake of experiencing gigantic esteem spikes in the midst of the latest 90 days of 2017, are by and by for the most part in the red to start 2018. An extensive bit of the rots are being blamed for ordinary overall cash related associations and governments calling for bearings and bans. While I will when all is said in done agree with the beforehand made reference to clarification, I also will all in all trust that a lot of the rots are an outcome of new candidates (noobs as we get a kick out of the opportunity to call them), who entered in October — December of 2017, and are by and by exchanging out in light of the way that they appeared to the market while it was garnish, and now, experiencing their first dives and crash, can never again stomach it. 

This passes on me to my first point, and yet again, as someone who hates to work in a "No FUD Zone", I am twisting up incessantly bearish on the primary quarter of 2018. Why? Not by virtue of the bans and regualtion risks (I mean, these have reliably been out there), rather, I am blaming "Noobs" as the purpose behind the bear market, and I figure the market will continue declining through the complete of March as the market disposes of the weak gave. 

Directly while that sounds awful for people planning to cash out before by then, I see an important turnaround (or return to average) beginning mid April or close. Now the radiance of advanced money will have obscured a bit, and the honest to goodness players will wander forward, henceforth causing a bull continue running from second quarter during that time's end. 

Clearly, there will be dives from advantage taking, risks or bans and controls or other FUD on the way, anyway in case you can stomach the accompanying 70 days or close, things will rotate. Remember, while conjecturing on esteem/coin is fun, and finally can make we as a whole fortunate, we are to a great degree betting on advancement, adventures, enhancement gatherings and another future. Research your coin, read your white papers, and look at a coins organize. Without question there will be straightforward ways to deal with influence a smart buck or two in this bear to publicize, yet in case you genuinely need to set yourself up whole deal, complete your work. 

Finally, the primary quarter of 2018 isn't all destiny and hopelessness. It, as I might want to believe, is a unimaginable time to buy pitiful coins. Remember in December when you required Litecoin underneath $200? Well at present is your shot. Swell underneath $2? It's remaining there for you. Also, Bitcoin underneath $13K? Get it. 

Taking all things into account, endeavor and recall what prevalent exceptionally rich individual monetary pro Warren Buffet expressed: 

"Be unpleasant when others are unquenchable and greedy when others are shocking" 

Directly, Mr. Buffet is no sidekick of cryptographic cash, yet he is right. If you are in this market for entire arrangement, at the present time is a perfect chance to be avaricious in light of the way that by April 2018, you may have bungled your chance.


No i don't think so!

The Current market situation is predicting that we may have to wait for a year to get the bull at track,

last year bull was un expected and it was beyond even imagination,

Slow and steady wins the race, If the Crypto wants to take over fiat, 

it needs to Slow and steady, not like last year,

and The bubbles/bull we had seen in the last years is the reason for the fear of the people,

They are fearing to put their money in the Crypto and that is why we are facing decline,

Crypto and Block-chain no doubt is an evolutionary Project and it will kept growing and growing, But everything takes time.

On the other side, Crypto is unpredictable,

We never know what is going to happen in the Crypto sphere, Even in the next hour, 

One big fish can takes it to the sky!

But i think Market should go up slow and steadly.


Probably not for another few years and that is a good thing. Those kinds of bubbles are bad for any market but it's especially bad for cryptocurrency since governments tend to want to talk about cryptocurrency being bad in order to keep the monopoly of the central banks alive.


Crypto is unpredictable, so there's still a chance it will increase near christmas(or new year).

I remembered in January 2017, people predicted btc price will be around $2000 at christmas 2017, but the reality was so different.

So even though crypto market in red condition right now, that doesn't mean it won't increase near end of this year. CMIIW.