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If you lease SP on Minnowbooster or Smartsteem, if then lessor stops using Steem, do you keep delegation until they come back?
Hi guys. So, If i have leased Sp on Minnowbooster, its usually for a fixed term but after that term, the lessor gets a memo from minnowbooster to click on a link to cancel it. Ifnthe lessor no longer uses Steemit or for any other reason doesnt cancel it. Doyou get to keep the delegationtillmhe does or does Minnowbooster cancel it?

Minnowbooster sets a platform only where delegator and delegatee meet and make a deal of SP delegation as the delegatee will initiate a SP delegation request in DLM market of minnowbooster and the delegator who has enough SP can fill those request if the APR is profitable to him and in no way minnobooster has the ability to cancel a delegation and minnowbooster can only send memo to the delegator after the term is over and it is on the part of delegator to cancel delegation once the period is over and if he/she is inactive or not using steemit or somehow not looking in to the memo, then you enjoy delegated SP until he cancels it and those extra period of delegation is just like bonus for you and it has happened many times in the past.

I do not think smartsteem offers a DLM market at the momentand it is only minnobooster who offers a DLM market.

DLM - Direct lease market where the delegator and delegatee fulfill a SP delegation term.

Thank you and Have a great day.


It is all yours untill the person you are renting from clicks the undelegate button. So you could get lucky and rent a million steem power and the owner could pass away and you would have a free million steem power for life. 


Luckily you get to keep the delegation! :)

The Delegated Steem Power will ONLY be removed if and when the lessor initiated the undelegation process. If the lessor went on a trip for a month and have no access to check Steem, then lucky for you as you get to keep the Delegated Steem Power for an extra month. XD

Minnowbooster only acts like a middleman in this scenario. His job is to find the lessee a lessor who will agree to his terms. Beyond that Minnowbooster can't do anything like automatically undelegating the DSP. 

Also Minnowbooster only has access to your "Posting Keys" which limits them to use your account for only upvoting/commenting/resteeming. Wallet Transfers and/or undelegating requires "Active Keys" so even if they want to, they can't.


Yes, you get to keep the delegated SP. The reason Minnowbooster can't just automatically cancel the SP delegation for the lessor and sends the Steemconnect cancellation link instead is because Active/Owner key is required to revoke SP delegation. When the Lessor fills delegation request on Minnowbooster's DLM they do it via Steemconnect so Minnowbooster never knew your active or owner key.

If you are the lessor keep your attention on incoming Minnowbooster transfers so you don't lose value from your forgotten delegation! If you are the lessee then that's good for you. 😊


Based on my understanding (I am currently delegating a total of 80 SP to three different @minnowbooster lessors) you are delegating SP to the lessor for a fixed amount of time and the lessor can do or not do what they want with the SP since they are paying for it.


So you had leased some SP from Minnowbooster, the leased term had expired, but somehow the delegator did not cancel the delegation. In that case, you get to keep using the leased SP! 

It happens to me before. In my case, I was the delegator. When the lease expired, Minnowbooster sent me a memo to cancel, but I missed it and only discovered a few days later. During these few days, the person I delegated to continue to use it and I lost a few steem worth of value.

So to answer your question. Yes, you get to keep the delegation until the delegator cancel and undelegate it. Minnowbooster will not do anything other than sending a reminder memo to the delegator.