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Do men really prefer girls without makeup?


We guys have this believe that girls use makeup to deceive us by hiding their real appearance. Let's look at it this way, you are in a market all of a sudden you are attracted by a fruit. So you decide to buy it. On getting home already salivating over the fruit you then opened it only to see what's on the inside. A normal person will person would feel cheated go back to the store and ask for a refund.

That's the same way guys feel when girls deceives them with makeup ( especially the ugly ones). Now if you are naturally beautiful why dont you flaunt it and occasionally you can use makeup then everyone will know that that girl is a double threat (fine with or without make up).

No guy wants to wake in the morning to see a beast after the makeup have washed away.


Well I believe this question is a matter of personal preference but let me answer as best I can.

Most men obviously prefer their women to have a more natural look thank the fake one that women present when they wear make up, but at the same time, men always want their women to look good so if you're going out with him to see a movie of a fancy dinner then he'll definitely expect you to look good and as such he'll expect you to put on make up.

Now if your alone with him or just going out for a quick bite to eat or maybe a walk in the park or doing anything that lets us spend quality time with you guys then we're probably not going to want you guys to out on any make up. If we just want to spend time with you then we want the real you, not you with a plastered face, you with all your imperfections.

It's not a question of if we prefer you guys without make up, it's more along the lines of *when* do we prefer you guys without makeup.


I worked for a rendering company one summer that picked up road kill, and misc. animal parts from butchers. We collected all this biological material in a big 53' truck with swarms of maggots crawling all over.  I asked the owner what he did with all this stuff... he said he takes it to a processing plant that makes make up out of it.  I haven't kissed a girl wearing make-up since.  When I see girls with make up on I am like on that dead skunk looks awesome on your face!


My guess is that guys prefer girls with some makeup but not too much. Heavy makeup is considered tacky and potentially hiding flaws. Long-term use of heavy makeup is bad for the skin, too. Girls without any makeup at all may look a bit bland if a guy is used to seeing girls with makeup. Some girls naturally have dark eyebrows and eyelashes and brightly coloured lips and need less makeup than others. I've seen women who look oddly colourless without wearing any makeup. 

But makeup is not such a huge deal girls may make it out to be. Having a nice figure and not being overweight are much more important than makeup.


Here's my genuine feeling.

The short answer is without makeup,however there's much more to it.

Make up completes a considerable measure. Whenever overcompensated, it conceals a lady's actual identity, separations them and can look vain or offensive as well. Additionally, ladies who apply a considerable measure of make up are regularly subject to a great deal generalizations - high-upkeep, fixated on their looks, gold-diggers. Regularly these aren't right and ladies' aims may be significantly more harmless. Additionally, the discernment depends a ton on the unique situation. On the off chance that it is a ceremonious occasion, make up is normal. In any case, when connected in basic social occasions, it can appear as though being overdressed.

Be that as it may, a little show up yet keep up a characteristic look.

To me, my impression of make up relies upon the unique circumstance, its elegance and on whether it conceals somebody's identity.

All things considered, it is totally a lady's decision on when, how much and in the event that she wishes to apply make up. In any case, intuitively it will influence their recognition and advance.


Interesting Question! :)

While a girl's make-up does really capture a man's attention at first sight, over time it is what a girls personality and attitude which will matter to most guys.

Men want women who are confident, content and strong enough to face her flaws. A woman who has no make-up on most often than not exudes these three characteristics eclipsing their physical appearances.

Another reason is that girls fully-covered in make-up makes them look like high maintenance which makes most men think that they are way above their level.


As for me, yes!!

Natural beauty is the best, there is beauty in simplicity, you did heavy make up, guys love what they see because of your deception. They actually believ3d you are beautiful, but after removing the make up, they realised they have been tricked and they played and dump you too, who is at fault??? It is better to be who you are, I would certainly go for someone without make up


I do yes. Natural beauty is more attractive in my opinion.


It actually depends on the type of man involved. Some men prefer girls with make up because they believe it adds more to their beauty. Some men do not like their girls in make up for some personal reasons known to them.

As for me, I don't actually prefer ladies with make up. I prefer a lady's natural beautiful face to make up. I do see it has a form of deception sometimes because you may meet a lady who looks pretty with make up, take her to the pool and have fun. She looses her make up with the help of water and you now detect how ugly she is.

I believe in loving yourself and staying true to oneself. This is one of the reasons I prefer ladies natural beauty to make up.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


When you take a look at instagram you'd servants whole lot of girls with heavy makeups getting attention and likes and Shares, we may say men do not like girls with makeup but if this is true then the social media will not portray this.

The truth is most men likes flashy women and flashy women are never be flashy without makeup.

Howbeit beauty is determine by the the foresight of the viewer and some men like girls with makeups others probably do not


Well every man have their own preference and what they find attractive,but as for me i love ladies that are

naturally beautiful without beauty enhancers,i prefer ladies with no make up because i believe that is when i

can see if she is truly naturally beautiful,some ladies look beautiful with make up but when they go natural then that is when they become less beautiful or not beautiful at all,

so i personally prefer ladies that are naturally beautiful but i think many men also have the same preference too....


No, men extremely don’t like girls withoutmakeup. Or a minimum of, in my terribly restricted expertise.

I discovered this tiny reality after I met my man when our preceding minute plans to travel to the outlets when ancipation that we might not see eachother for many weeks.

I was carrying a hoodie and extremely token makeup. Concealer to hide any imperfections and dark circles beneath my eyes/excema, light-weight powder, token makeup, make-up and solely the foremost token make-up. Hair up in associate degree with expertise lazy roll, not precisely a “I virtually simply unrolled of bed” roll.

He caught sight of Maine and aforementioned “wow, you look therefore hot while not makeup!” we tend to were in our extraordinarily early stages of our relationship and he had solely seen Maine all wrapped for going bent on dinners etc.

I simply shut my damn mouth and adjusted the topic. Stupid, I know. however i used to be like freshly eighteen years previous and making an attempt to administer off the “This is my natural hotness for sure” look.

The next time I saw him i used to be wrapped, we tend to were going out somewhere enthusiast. subsequent times then, I wore my mimimal “work makeup” aka the makeup I wore to on a daily basis at work. To a male eye, that will encounter as no makeup.

He told me: “I love having a girlfriend United Nations agency doesn’t wear makeup, I like it after you don’t.” I aforementioned to him: “Do you actually assume this is often no makeup? this is often the no makeup makeup look. I actually have a full face of makeup on and you simply can’t tell”.

You could virtually see his young male brain being shooketh. He didn’t have any sisters. perhaps that’s why he’s ne'er seen a missy truly carrying no makeup. He truly thought that a totally blemish free, all one skin tone, long even-toed ungulate eyelashes, nude shimer war paint and perfect eyebrows were what a median eighteen year previous lady appeared like while not makeup. I cringed thinking what he would do once he truly saw Maine while not makeup. we tend to ne'er have to be compelled to that stage anyway.

Fast forward 2 years and that i was discussing with a coworker our morning routines and the way long it took USA to urge prepared for work. I told him it took Maine associate degree hour. He replied: “Uh.. Why? what's there to try to to, you don’t even wear makeup. Like its nice. Your skin appearance smart while not it” I aforementioned I carrying a full face (the no makeup makeup look). He was appalled, he thought I ne'er wore makeup as a result of I didn’t have any contour, highlighter, obvious brows and makeup etc.

I have since developed a conclusion that men do like girls with no makeup, however solely their plan of no makeup. Flawless, sleek canvas with not a blemish seeable.