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Why do Americans drive automatic transmission cars?
I hardly know any Americans who can drive a stick, I know most of their cars are automatic but why is that so?

To answer your question in general, not only America is phasing out manual transmission, the matter of fact globally are removing manual transmission for several reason:

1) Automatic transmission / CVT / AMT-Semi automatic / Dual clutch in general are way more advanced than those day's automatic transmission, and are handled by transmission control unit by milliseconds. Their fuel efficiency and performance can top a manual driver anytime.

2) In a CVT transmission car, the driver can floor the pedal during a corner simply because the computer had taken care of the torque being channel to the drive pulley. The car maintain at optimal speed/fuel efficiency. Similar technique has been emulate to other automatic transmission car as well, selecting the optimal gear ratio to match the driving speed and maintain best fuel efficiency.

3) Talking about electric car... electric motor has 1 torque range. Apply electricity, and the damn motor spins! That's all. Why would we need to change gear manually?


The video I attached doesn't spell the automatic transmission winning any race. Look at the timing. Both car cross the line at similar speed. What if it's a one mile top speed challenge? I am strongly believing the CVT will over take the manual transmission.

# However, I'm a stick shift driver! I totally understand 2 pedal kills bunch of the fun in mix and matching, not to mention despite I'm a slow driver, I do heel and toe for the fun of it. It's a slow car, but I like rev match! ROTFFLMFAO


i never drove a car in my life

thats a lie

 a friend once tried to teach me

parking lot stuff

it was very un-interesting