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Are collagen lip injections harmful?
If so, how and in what way?

The most common side effect of using collagen is "allergies". If you are allergic to the collagen material used then the severity of your reaction would be proportional to how allergic you are to the material.

Since it is injected into your system, over time the allergic reaction would gradually worsen and would affect and spread to the rest of your body making it more harmful to you.

So yes it can be harmful especially if you are allergic to the material used. It is worthy to note though that there are now many options that could replace collagen if you really wish to improve your lips.

As always, consult a doctor first before doing any procedure. :)


Just like any form of lip augmentation, it has its side effects and for some people it's minimal while for some people the side effects can be very harmful. Here are some side effects of using collagen based lip injections;

1. Risk of infection

2. Uneven lips

3. Bumps on the lips

4. Prolonged swelling and bruising that may last for a couple of days

5. Ulceration and scarring of the lips

Damage of blood vessels

6. Possible allergic reaction to the type of collagen used.


The process of injecting collagen is not recommended for people under 35 years old.

The process of collagen injection can be done in people who are in the age range between 35 to 60 years.

# positive effects of collagen

benefits gained by injecting collagen. One of them reduces wrinkles and a lot of other satisfaction after injection.

Overall makes the appearance of being younger and fresher. The advantage of collagen injection is not limited to physical appearance

but also psychologically because better physical appearance makes people more confident and improves self-image

#negative impact of collagen injections

Risks that can occur:

- Bacterial infection

- The reaction of anesthetic drugs such as lidocaine

- Redness




- peeling

- Scar tissue