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Why are some people more active at night?

I am more active at night as it is quieter and can get more done. I don't have to worry about the phone or work commitments so i can relax and concentrate on other things.

having a quiet house is perfect for Steemit and musings and that suits me fine. i can spend hours on here and not realize what the time is until I hear the birds chirping and then i know I better sleep.

I am not alone with this and know of other users I engage with often are in the same sleepless pattern for the same reasons. it is not healthy and does eventually catch up with you but I find it easier to work like that than normal hours.

Are you also doing the same thing and that is why you asked the question?


I think it's the quiet and the privacy that comes with it. Lot's of creative people become active late in the evening at night. True creativity requires some distance from the daily hustle and bustle and that's what you automatically get at night.

I've always loved staying up late and not because I'm a particularly creative person but because of the quiet. When I was serving in the military, I didn't mind guard duty at night at all. There was something special about the complete silence in the barracks at night, a sense of complete freedom from the strict order and discipline during the day, and also a weird sense of ownership of the place.


Let me answer through my personal preference, I basically consider myself a nightowl by the way, who preferred the quietness of the night to be more active.

It's mainly because there are less distractions at night and I can be more focused on things that I need to accomplish. I'd rather do my task that requires intense analysis to be done at night since I feel more productive at times when the people around me are asleep and doesn't disturb me on things that I do. Although, it doesn't work to most of us, I think it's a preference that we should really love to be able to produce fruitful outcome.


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I am more active at night for some certain reasons. In my country Nigeria power outages are common and random with no pre warnings. Electricity supply is more constant and consistent at Nigeria. I stay on the internet a lot and requires electricity supply, so the night is the best time for me to work without interruption.

Another reason is the calmness and quietness the night offers me, almost everyone is sleeping and there are less people and vehicular movements. It gives me better concentration and less distractions.

But I must say staying up at night too much is not good as it can cause sleeping disorders because your sleeping pattern is changed randomly. Nature designed humans to work during the day and sleep at night.


There could be many reasons. I'm not a night owl but for some reasons I prefer to stay awake at night like doing web project, writing influencing content etc. 

Normally people loved to awake at night in the cities for not any reason because they are habitual of its routine. They can't change this habit. They are just wasting their time by watching movies and hang out with friends. 

Many of us working online so we all have need to awake at night for earning some handsome amount to feed our tummy.  Some people are writer who needs peaceful environment that's why they prefer night silent.

Though its bad to awake at night as per doctors recommendations. They warned you not to stay active at night if you want good health for a longer run. I believe that staying awake at 10 to 2PM is harmful for our health.

Health should be top priority so becoming a  night owl may damage our internal health silently. I only awake when it is needed. 


To be honest for the past few days I have been giving my time to Steem Blockchain and most of those time are usually at the night period.

There are few reasons that I am active at night firstly I live in a commercial area and during the day there is always something that kind of distract me from doing works in Steem Blockchain. Like when you want to upload a Video for Dtube the background noises just makes the video not to that quality that I want , so I usually prefer to shoot my videos outside of my house. The noises really acts as a distraction.

And as I have joined in Musing lately the calmness of the night and no distractions really allows me to be in focus whenever I answer a question. 

While from my point of view I can think clearly when there is no distraction of any sorts at night.So I do prefer to be awake and active at night mostly.

While apart from that late night is really not good for health. I try to cover up for my Sleeping part during the day and do the best to make up for the night.