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Is it okay to hire people from the same household or friends?

When it comes to work, I tend to avoid people who are close to me. It's most likely that a problem can occur. I'm saying this from experience. I've had issues with giving jobs to people I know. It's either they don't take the job seriously or they demand for way too much.

It's better today give the job to someone outside, someone relatively unknown who can be held accountable for his or her actions.

If you give a job to a family member and the individual falters, sentiments would not allow you to do what you would normally do in such situations. You'd have to come to a compromise. I don't like that.

There was once a time when we gave a videoing job to a friend at an event. This was someone who had repute for doing good jobs, people recommend him every now and then and he sometimes has to travel far to do some video coverage. We gave him money to get our event covered. You won't believe it if I told you that this guy did not come for the whole length of the event. He made up some excuses and the coverage was very poor.

Another time, he was contracted to cover a programme where some important people were coming around. We needed pictures a well as videos. After the programme had concluded, we discovered he lost most of the pictures and did not cover the main events. There was barely anything we could do on each of these occasions because this guy was like family. It made me have some sense not to give important jobs to family or friends no matter the condition. Sometimes, people resort to friends because it may be cheaper and the friend or family won't charge exorbitant fees. Yet, I tell you it's better to pay someone well who you can hold accountable than pay cheaply for a friend or family member to do the job.



Not all the time. Sometimes family members can be the worst business partners. A difference in vision for the business and priorities. I'd prefer working with strangers that have the same line of thinking even before I met them. When it comes to family members or friends, sometimes they are into business because you are into it and they just want to be supportive. Sometimes you have different ideas on how the business should be handled. A lot of thing can go wrong and when it happens, it's best not to be in dispute with family or friends over business because things can get personal quickly. No matter how much you want to keep business out of family or friendship, it no longer is possible when you start venturing this route once conflict in business arises. 

I'm not saying this happens all the time. I'm just saying it does happen and when it does, you'd wish it didn't. Some family businesses do succeed but don't raise your expectations too high when venturing down this route. 


I think it is wiser in certain applications. 

I can think of certain things I am good at with specific family members, and these things I am better with them, than with anyone else. 

If I were to employ an individual to make wooden chairs for me, and he told me that him and his brother made wooden chairs together their entire life, my next question for him would be:

Is your brother currently employed elsewhere?


No. This is not okay. The people from same.house or frieds will not gives you output which you want from them. When you hire 2 or 3 from same house that mean aby one got problem and go for leave. It can be chance of all leaving that day from your office. In this case you are facing 3 of your emplys absent that day

And if you hire friend. This will also dangrous for you. You can not give them suggestion. Beacause the will combined and break your rules.

This is my personel thinking on your questin. It dosn't mean all communities will behave like this.


 Yeah I think sometimes it's nice to be hire your household or some friends. But make sure they peoples are trustworthy because trust always matters in very relation and business. So the main point is how your trust is strong enough. If you have a pure belief on your partner they fulfill all responsibilities that your given to do. If they do what u ask to do him. Then definitely you will hire for filling all your office work or related to housework.

Other thing is sometimes we blind trust on anyone without knowing their purpose. This is the wrong way, well I just want to say If they person are eligible for doing this role then you can definitely hire them  

I believe that you will make it easy for yourself to be honest. Sometimes you never want to take any disadvantages in life. Because you fear about that how's gonna perfect in future. 


Personally I don't think that is such a good idea, but when the job in question requires a lot of trust from you to that person like babysitting, then you should put high consideration in people you personally know first before others.

Often times when money is involved, people almost always show their true self, and it is even more harder and awkward to complain about them especially if you two know each other. Some people tend to be very hardworking during the first week or two and once one start to get comfortable, will slowly become lazy on the job.

Take for an instance hiring your cousin for "household duties" . What usually happens is that because you know each other personally (and even related at that), he/she will not take you or the job seriously. People tend to be lax around people they are already comfortable in. And again, it is very awkward to complain about their behaviour since you two personally know each other.

So unless you both are confident to set some boundaries between personal stuffs and work, then No! I don't think it is okay. 


As long as a person is qualified for the job I don't care if you hire your neighbour's dog. In business, trust and good communication at times  is as important as expertise and experience.