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When or what point would you consider yourself to be wealthy?

I consider myself tremendously wealthy, yet that isn't reflected in any bank account, any ownership of BTC, or any other tangible form of assets.

In fact, I have none of that.

And yet, despite the fact that my life couldn't be simpler I've never been as rich as I am nowadays.

“Beware of overconcern for money, or position, or glory. Someday you will meet a man who cares for none of these things. Then you will know how poor you are.” —Rudyard Kipling

My life is worry-free. By which I don't mean that I don't have any obligations but there is no pressure from external elements such as advertising, peer-related expectations or things such as a desire for luxury.

I benefit and have taken the liberty to reject all those things and broaden my horizons beyond the on many imposed pressures of a luxurious, wealthy, and abundant life. In that simplicity I have discovered both freedom and true wealth.

I may have less than most yet I have found riches most will never even dare to dream of. Riches many may even never realize are the true gold of earth.


For me, being rich is not measured in terms of monetary worth or wealth alone, Although financial stability is a very significant part of it.

I would consider myself a rich lady if I am financially stable, healthy, happily married with kids and with a relevant career in my sector.

I consider True riches to be the things we value most, and there is no other thing I value more in the World than finding balance in the listed areas.

Let me state however that our definitions of Riches may vary and you may have a totally different answer after introspection

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I would consider myself tremendously wealthy if I would not need to worry about paying bills and expenses, if I could invest in my health and wellbeing, if I could afford a decent roof over my head and not throwing rent to landlords month by month, if I could put the projects I have in mind into reality, if I would not need to worry about the future in monetary terms. I would consider myself even wealthier if I could afford all that for me and my partner.


I've set my goals in life and if these goals are fulfilled I would consider myself wealthy. 

So here is my list of dreams if they come true or is accomplished than I will

consider me as a wealthy person.

- A dream house something like a big Mansion to live in. A mansion which is huge has a terrace garden, a swimming pool, a big play field to play your favorite sports and close to 10 big rooms with all the latest gadgets and accessories is my kind of Manison that I dream for. 

Image Courtesy: in.pinterest.com/taycoumont

- A luxury Car like Mercedes-Benz - the Latest model of Mercedes-Benz that adds to your style and about which you can fault about is that car I dream about.

- Owner of Multiple restaurants - being an owner for a chain of restaurants serving different cusiens is something I would love to pursue as a Business in the near future.

- A bank balance of 1Million Dollars - A healthy bank balance we all love to have and if I can get close to 1Million Dollar then definitely I would consider myself as a wealthy person.


You can be considered wealthy when you can buy many Lamborghinis and play bumper cars with them


I think when someone gets the enough money that excludes money from his/hers list of problems and he/she could start thinking to concentrate on solving other problems of life rather than thinking from where and how to earn money then he/she is rich.


in fact wealth isn't invariably tangible property. Wealth the reality isn't invariably measured by the quantity of fabric numbers. Extent of heart once a servant is in a position to suppress his needs, be acceptive and grateful for what's.

true wealth is that the wealth of the soul. The one that feels enough with God's gift, isn't too bold to extend his wealth and perpetually searches for it, it suggests that he's an expensive person.


A nice entertaining question to many. Well Done

If you are relating wealth with money, then I'd consider myself wealthy when I owned my car and two canal house with a well garden, office room, gym equipment room, and an extensive kitchen. 

Also, few shops or lands for passive income. This is my dream. I'm working on it. I wish my dreams come true with Steemit earning.