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Why are Christians so scared of death when it's their route to heaven?

I don't know where that fact is extracted from that christians are scared of death. This is too particular. Who on earth wish to die? Is there a particular teaching in the Christianity that teaches them to fear death? The basics of christian teaching is for followers to believe and do Gods will by  not living a sinful life, so that if death comes at anytime, they are prepared to meet Christ.  Most things are said out of ignorance. Whether you are a christian, Muslim, atheist, Judaism,and so on, no one wish to leave his family behind. Even as Muslims and Christians believe that there is life in paradise after death, none still wish to depart.

Death is inevitable and every reasonable human knows that one day, the man in the long black coat (death) will knock the door whenever the time comes to strike. This is never particular to Christians. No one want to die of which we will one day.

Just like an artist sang, he said "No body wants to die but we all want to go to heaven, so which way do we pass".

If its only Christians that are scared of death, then most religions won't guide against death. Mostly, Christians will be the only one treating themselves in the hospital for good health. They will be the only one fighting accidents. All these are done collaboratively to decrease mortality rate in the world. If you lose a friend from other religion how will you feel.? Bad , I think I'm right. That is applicable to everyone. You don't want to lose your loved ones and vice versa. Irrespective of our religion and the sweet life proclaimed to be available for believers after death, we all still don't wanna die now. That's just the fact.


@beautychicks cares.


I do not think they fear death, at a young age none of us want to die, when we get older some are ready to die and do not fear it. They do not know what lies ahead, if anything, I can see a possibility of some anxiety here in some cases not knowing what lies ahead for us. I do not think that is fear though.

For the fear, Those who do fear and this would not be restricted to Christians this would apply to any us who have not lived a good life. Fear can come in when the life led has not been one with good intentions and consisted of nothing but a selfish objective. In cases like that it would be the fear of not going to Heaven why people are in fear and not the fear of Heaven itself.

Going down to the other place is what people fear most. The other place seems to much like the world we live in, Toiling in pain for the pleasure of a few at the top. People want to escape the hell they live in now. Going to a different hell does not sound as good as going to the Heaven place.

People look forward to Heaven and fear Hell.


I think most of us are afraid to die, Christian or not. The fear of death comes from our fear of the unknown. People tend to fear what they don't know or understand. While there are some that are not afraid of death itself. What they are afraid of is the manner of how they die. Some still are afraid of death because they are afraid to be forgotten. They are afraid that they might not leave a mark or a legacy when they are already gone. Which is why it is important that we make a positive impact in whatever we do.


I really do not think the fear of death is peculiar to Christians of Christianity. The truth is no human wishes to die by default. However, some religions make death to be like the way out of this wicked world, hence the followers of those religions really do not fear death like an average human being.

I really do not know much about Christians or Christianity but one thing I sure know is that they see death as something quite terrible that should be avoided at all cost, especially dying at youthful age. Most of them see death and poverty as curse rather than the former being a way out of the wicked world. I have heard the clause 'I shall not die but live' from a lot of Christians, telling you that if they could really have it their way, they would not want to die at all. 

So it is a matter of disposition and orientation. 


Because humans have a powerful instinct for self-preservation. Also, I don't think any believer is, in actual fact, 100% sure their beliefs are true. There is always a seed of doubt in the mind. Very few individuals are capable of unshaken belief in things for which there is no and cannot be any proof.


Lol. Who is not scared of dying, even terrorists think twice after undergoing a lot of orientations


Maybe coz ...one is still not looking forward to house fire even when they have home owner's insurance.