How long do you think you will be here on musing?

I don't really know how long I will be here on musing because I am already addicted to Musing. I already love what I do and it becomes very difficult to leave what you love doing. Musing has turned into an interesting game for me which becomes very difficult not to play for every game lovers.

Ever since I had joined musing, I am able to achieve things I dreamt of. Musing is the medium or a gift sent to me which brought me out of the mud I was into something better. I used to earn very low upvotes or sometimes no upvotes when I do publish articles and tutorials on my Steemit blog. I felt like giving up because the motivation to continue blogging wasn't there for me anymore. I met with some cool earners on Steemit and they told me to keep staying consistent without giving up. I had to adopt their advice and continued what I was doing maybe I may attain success. After my long time consistency, I had no choice than to keep blogging hoping for the best.

One day, I decided to upload some motivational pictures on my whatsApp status just to make all my friends learn and stay motivated. While I was scrolling through my gallery, I came across the musing!. I was so astonished about the word musing and what does it means. I decided to check out on some group just to ask the group members who sent the picture to enlighten me more on the platform. I wasn't able to find that whatsApp group. My curiosity increased drastically just to know what musing is all about. This made me conducted my research on the internet about musing.

As a student of knowledge, I love answering questions on Quora and I do feel very happy whenever I do this. I decided to try musing since it is just a Question and Answer platform similar to Quora. My first engagement on the platform brought hope to my Steemit experience because I was able to earn good upvote and nice reward from musing. I earned the upvotes I wasn't able to earn for my great effort on my Steemit blog. My desire increased more to use musing because I was able to learn and earn at the same time.

Do you now think it will be so easy for me to leave musing?

The fact is that I am now a full time musing user. All my Steemit blog now runs on musing because I love the platform. Similarly, other users may share the same experience like mine or different experiences because musing had helped lots of Steemit users and this is why we keep having more users making use of musing. I can't just do without visiting musing everyday and If I don't visit musing I do feel sad or uncomfortable because of the love I have for the platform.

In conclusion, I can't really predict how long I will stay on musing because musing is now my home. It will be very difficult for you to leave your house because that was where you were brought up. Musing had helped me in terms of many things such as content creation because you won't be rewarded nicely if you plagiarized. It has also helped me in terms of developing my writing skills because the curators love good writers. If musing was able to change my life for good, then why would I leave the platform even though It has helped my Steemit career. I love musing and I hope to keep using musing till the end.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


As long as you have questions like this !!!!

The human problems are so much so that the Qs will not end and that is where musing do exist which will offer you to join musing where there are people who can provide that answer.  Is not that beautiful that while making a Question you are being rewarded and while making an answer you are being rewarded.

The interface of humans and the technology is evolving at a rapid rate and it also gives rise to many questions to know and understand that interface and it is natural that when you have a system in place you come forward and ask for an answer and that where the role of musing is and that is where we all do exist in the musing ecosystem.

Questions are the inherent aspect of human civilization, it is not an aspect of 21st century only, it has been existed since the existence of the earth. The 21st century is only trying to give it a shape, trying to organize it in the form of musing where people will come and ask their question and people will come and join to answer those questions and that to in decentralized apps like musing on the top of steem blockchain. So in other words, it is establishing that peer to peer question and answer platform on steem blockchain.

Thank you and Have a great day.


I guess i would be here till the day, musing closes down or somehow i have become so busy that there isn't much time for me anymore here.

Nowadays, it has become a habit for me to be here posting stuff and writing and learning. I guess that's what I love to do. I din really engage into musing that much a few months ago. One day, I was too free.Just decided to answer questions. Initially, I wrote a bunch of questions and all of it went to zero and no cash. But I typed anyways, those answers to the different question. 

I wrote in my notepad that I would want to typed in the different answers. I was testing my steemit account and alot of the cash I earned i wanted to cash it out and in little bits it was lost. Then I just thought, okie. Just type it. I converted all my steem to steem power and slowly I saw my earnings jump. I was thinking maybe someday there will be something in the future. I am not sure what yet but well, there is some hope. So at this moment, i am going to just type as long as I  can. I guess no matter what there is no lost.

I will write be in musing for as long as it exist. 


I will be here for a long time that's for sure, even though I just started new here, I'm not looking at leaving anytime soon.

I figured that instead of just wasting my time on whatsapp and the rest of social medias, that why don't I use it to gives answers to people and at the same time make some little income.

Though I'm still in the exploring phase, trying to figure out how the platform works but then with what I've seen so far, don't think I'm leaving soon.


I will be on musing as long as there is still a community who are asking great questions (and providing great answers!). I spend alot more of my time on here answering questions than asking, but when I do ask questions I really find that I get great answers which provide me with more insight.

I think that now is the best time to be on Musing as there aren't that many people active (due to the price of Steem!), and there are plenty of great questions to answer. I am finding that the number of new questions is decreasing rapidly aswell, and maybe there will come a time where I would have answered all of the questions I find interesting - I can't see this happening anytime soon though


Heh! Interesting Question! 

I have been here on Musing for months now and it's honestly have become a part of my daily routine now. While nothing is really certain especially when talking about the future, but I really think that I will be here for a pretty longgggggg time as long as there is still decent people asking questions. XD


I can't think of leaving. If the delegation goes away or if this becomes so crowded with high-quality answerers that I can no longer earn anything, I might drop an answer every now and then but will not post 15-20 times a day like now. As long as it stays like this, I see no reason to leave. This is fun as hell and it pays. But if it did not pay at all, I'd probably look for something equally fun on Steem that paid.


I am here more than 4 to 6 Weeks and I am feeling here cool because here we can answer/Question and can easily get knowledge about our information and I am feeling good to stay, The main advantage of musing is we can know the answer of our question including all field such as Life, health, steemit, about our all problems, These all point get noted And I don't know when I will run out but I try to work all time here. 


As long as Musing is around then I will be posting here from time to time. Why not when I like forums so much. Answering questions is fun too!

I've been on myLot on and off and when Yahoo! Answers was the in thing I was on there as well so I definitely enjoy these kinds of sites. Doesn't matter if I post regularly as long as it's around or any site like it is here then I will be around as well.


I love musing so I will stick around for as long as they will have me. 

I love that I can have a question in the morning. Type it out on what I am looking for  and usually by noon or diner time I have a very thurough answer to my question. 


The easy answer is if Musing is here then so will I. musing is good fun and i will be around to support them. As soon as i know about the token etc i will most likely delegate to them.


I intend to stay for the long haul. I don't believe musing is going anywhere, and I believe in Steem. I will continue my work on the blockchain for as long as it takes. 


Musing is here to stay... It is the decentralised version of quora... And it has just started... I see a bright future for musing.io...

So I have switched from Quora to Musing... And i am going to stick to it for a very long time...


I like coming here on musing everytime before I sleep. I just answer some questions, sometimes seriously sometimes just trolling. It's a nice way to get sleepy and maybe earn a few upvotes here and there.

So, to answer your question. Not anytime soon :)