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The value of my upvotes from musing keeps on decreasing when I check it on esteem. Can someone explain this?
The upvote was worth $2 in the morning, now it's $1.89. Why ?

Yeah the latest crypto bloodbath left Steem at a much lower price. Therefore the value of upvotes has gone down as well. Normally, my 30% upvote is worth 2 cents. 2 cents is the minimum amount for a person to receive a payout so I like to make sure I give people enough to receive a payout while distributing my votes far and wide.

Right now though, my 30% vote is only worth 1 cent. Which isn’t great. I don’t really want to bump up my voting percentage though since that will greatly reduce how much Incan vote.

So basically, the value of Steem affects the value of vote received. When/ if Steem is worth $5 again, you’ll see some fantastic vote sizes.


The value of steem is decreasing so its only normal for the value of musing upvote to reduce as well unless they make adjustments. So enjoy


Looks like you're something new on the platform, so I'll explain. 

The value of the votes is essentially determined by the value of the steem in the market, ie if when you were voted the steem was worth 1 usd and your post received a vote value of $2 is obvious that if the next day the value of the steem drops to say 0.80 usd, the value of the vote you received in your post will also drop. Everything is proportional, i.e. when the value of the steem goes up or down, the value of a vote cast or received will also go down but a little slower.

Remember that the values obtained in the post are not final and may change over the previous 7 days before you can collect the reward.


The external price of STEEM came crashing down from about $0.79 to about $0.59 practically in an instant two days ago. Because Steemit.com shows uses a 3.5-day moving average to base it's calculation of the expected total reward value of a post, the figure keeps inching downwards little by little until the 3.5 moving average matches the price again (provided that the price keeps steady). Some Steem UI's (like SteemPlus) show the expected rewards based on the price and not a moving average, which why you are seeing lower values on them.


It is not a case of because you checked via esteem. It is mainly as a result of dwindling STEEM/SBD price. The upvote value you are seeing there is an average of the coin price after some days.

The higher the coin price, there will be an increase in the upvote value and it can increase to like $2.2 and so on. A decrease in coin price results in what you are witnessing.


It is because of the recent decrease in STEEM's price. Actually the voting value depends on STEEM's price and when the price decreases or increases it affects the upvote value. You would have noticed that the vote percentage is still same but value is lower than before. 

It all depends on STEEM's price, if there is an increase in its price in future, you will see the vote value rising. Don't get surprised then again for that increase! 


The simple answer is the value of Steem is decreasing so everything that had a value has dropped proportionally. When Steem goes back up these values will increase again.

My vote was 7 c earlier in the week and now it is 5 c and this is all down to Steem losing around 20 % in value.