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How does "falling in love" affect heart & brain?

Falling in love has a positive effect on mental health & overall wellbeing of a person. Falling in love causes our body to release a flood of feel-good chemicals that trigger specific physical reactions. This internal elixir of love is responsible for making our cheeks flush, our palms sweat and our hearts race.

Levels of these substances, which include dopamine, adrenaline and norepinephrine, increase when two people fall in love. Dopamine creates feelings of euphoria while adrenaline and norepinephrine are responsible for the pitter-patter of the heart, restlessness and overall preoccupation that go along with experiencing love.

Love lights up the pleasure center of the brain. When we fall in love, blood flow increases in this area, which is the same part of the brain implicated in obsessive-compulsive behaviors.

Love lowers serotonin levels, which is common in people with obsessive-compulsive disorders. This may explain why we concentrate on little other than our partner during the early stages of a relationship. However, these physical responses to love may work to our disadvantage.

The phrase 'love is blind' is a valid notion because we tend to idealize our partner and see only things that we want to see in the early stages of the relationship. Outsiders may have a much more objective and rational perspective on the partnership than the two people involved do.

There are three phases of love, which include lust, attraction, and attachment. Lust is a hormone-driven phase where we experience desire. Blood flow to the pleasure center of the brain happens during the attraction phase, when we feel an overwhelming fixation with our partner. This behavior fades during the attachment phase, when the body develops a tolerance to the pleasure stimulants. Endorphins and hormones vasopressin and oxytocin also flood the body at this point creating an overall sense of well-being and security that is conducive to a lasting relationship.


Milaan has described this phenomenon in reference with the chemical changes and I am hundred percent agree with him.

I would like to mention a couple of psychological effects though.

When anyone falls in love, his/hers aura changes and he/she not only produces a positive energy, but absorbs it as well. They started to see positive aspect of everything, which not only changes their way to treat different problems and situations, but they also try to improve their surroundings as well.

Consciouly or unconciously, they try to impress their partner with postive things ... among other things, positive attitude is a good effect of love. Normally, people in love get more organized, punctual and selfless. They startd to add even more value to the lives of their loved ones, family, friends and everyone around them. 

You could say, love takes their feelings to a maximum level, and therefore, there is a downside to this condition/situation too, that is in case of failure in love, these feelings could change to their counter-parts ... truth to lie, love to hate, happiness to anger etc.

Hopefully, this answer would be a little bit satisfactory for you.

Thanks and have a nice day.