What kind of freedom is necessary for economic growth?

Economic growth of nations is never accidental. They are consciously provoked by their contemporary governments by painstakingly instituting policies which drives growth and development.

Freedoms of Association, Speech, Production, Movements are all Germaine to nations sustainable economic growth and development!!

Freedom of production , among others is the fulcrum of economic growth and development.

Production activities generates values within the chain which when aggravated a d denominated amounts to the nations Gross Domestic Product (GDP) which are s the standard index of economic growth measurement.!!

It is therefore germane that all freedoms be sustained by the de facto government to enable economic growth . If neglected, the opposite would be the case and its consequences would be dire for both government and the governed!!


You need free markets. Most rich countries are capitalist countries who have open free markets while poor countries have dictators or regulated markets. 


Economic growth comes from innovation. Innovation doesn't come from governments but from individuals. Why are individuals doing this? For a monetary gain who will improve their own lives. 

The thing is, free markets are pretty efficiënt because the incentives of people are right. You have to be competitive or you are out of business because every type of business has some competitors. So efficiency is really important. 

It's one of the reasons why governments are inefficiënt bureaucracies, they don't have to make a profit. Therefore, resources are more often wasted than in a commercial setting.