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Why gold trades very consistently every year?

Over ages and centuries, the price of gold has remained steadily appreciating. Never galloping either southward nor northward, which is very unlike other metals or commodities of trade. Not even the regular regulated currencies are this stable!!

Various factors accounted for this stability, the major being that Gold , as a reserve of many reserve banks has been stable in quantity in reserve worldwide. It is therefore expected that little will impact on its value per time, very unlike other commodities of trade.

Speculation, which is predicated on perceived instability of prices is minimal in gold trading as it is widely acknowledged that prices of gold can not be subjected to easy manipulation by covert players .

These quality of gold recommends it as one of the best commodity to invest into with absolute peace and assurance of sustainable capital growth!


The price of gold has been stable in some periods and volatile in other periods. When you look at the price over the last 50 years, what does it remind you of?

I'd say it looks like the price of Bitcoin from the first trades up to today. A bit more stable, but gold went up from $260 in 2001 to $1890 in 2011, then down again to $1070 in 2016.