Imagine If the Earth Stopped Rotating. What will happen?

Some scientists suspect that the final day will be marked by the cessation of the Earth rotating on its axis.

Based on these findings, the BrightSide site tries to give an overview of some events, which might occur if the Earth suddenly stopped spinning on its axis (of course slowly). Here's the summary.

1. All objects will fly to the East at high speed

Humans never feel the Earth rotates and where the direction of rotation.

But if it stops, according to Sten Odenwald of the United States Space Agency (NASA) everything on its surface will be pulled from the ground and fly eastward at high speed before finally falling back.

In the equator, the speed will be the biggest. around 1,000 miles per hour. While in the polar region the speed reaches 800 miles per hour.

2. Giant Wave

The power of momentum will cause water in the sea to move to form a very powerful tsunami, which will head east and wipe out coastal cities from the surface of the Earth.

3. Earth's Surface Water is Divided in Two

This event not only caused the formation of two oceans, the North and South Seas, but also a new land in the middle.

4. Volcanic eruptions

The large kinetic power of the Earth and its momentum will shake the planet to its core.

The results are quite predictable: powerful storms, volcanic eruptions, and destructive earthquakes will occur everywhere.

5. Change into a ball

The geoid shape of the Earth is caused by a rotating motion on its axis. If the planet stops, the shape will become more rounded.


The rotation of the earth on its axis cause the day and night we experience. So if the rotation stops, half of the planet will be exposed to constant darkness or night while other gets exposed constant to sunlight or day.


We would be crushed to death.

The earth pulls us towards itself, a force which we know as gravitation. at the same time, the earth turns, at a fairly high speed. This also generates a force, but outbound, away from the earth. This force is known as centrifugal forces.Our weight is composed of amongst a few others, the centrifugal force, minus the gravitational force. If the earth stops turning, the centrifugal force becomes 0. Which means the gravitational force fully weighs on us. We would be unable to bear this force, and get crushed.


Well, from the little I know about science, if the earth stops rotating, depending on where it stops, we might have eternal day or eternal night if it was far from the sun.

Secondly other planets rotating might crash into the earth and thereby destroying the earth.

Plants would stop growing because they need photosynthesis to grow and when there is no sun that process would not take place.

Our eyes would automatically adapt to the night and we might start seeing like bats.

That's all I can think of that'll happen if the earth stops rotating.


I don't want to imagine as there would be all sorts of natural disasters.

The clock and time as we know it would stop. Constant daylight on one side and constant darkness on the other. Think of plant life and the consequences of this.

Huge waves would be bought about immediately as the gravitational pull would stop. Huge tsunami like waves would appear creating havoc. Fish and sea life would suffer as currents would now change.


This is hard to answer because of key details being left out.

Does the earth stop rotating instantaneously? If so, catastrophe will instantly occur. Our bodies would likely not be able to sustain the mere force of the earth instantly halting.

If it's a slow stoppage of rotation, you will see natural disasters on a scale that will be consistent with what is referred to as an ELE (Extinction level event), whereas natural disasters will be so prevalent, that we will struggle to maintain existentialism. That is, considering the effects on our bodies are tolerable given a rotation stoppage. 

It's certainly an interesting topic. I'm inclined to believe that we can sustain a stoppage in rotation, in terms of physical survival. Consider that we have left "orbit" without death plenty of times.. I think, it's the natural disasters we would have to worry about.