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Why is it difficult to give from what you have, when it is believed the more you give the more you get?

I don't think it's difficult to give front what we already have. It's a matter of the perception. It's what people think about what they have.

Sometimes, some people tend to be very calculative of the things they possess and always anticipate tones when there'd be nothing to rely on, nothing to fall back to when times get rough.

It's the reason why they won't let going of that which they possess.

If you even consider it logically, it's in letting go that things reduce. If I had ten and gave five away, what I have left will be five. That's a reduction.

Notwithstanding, there's a law of nature that ensures that the one who gives receives more in return. I dont think this is is religious because it even happens outside of the confines of religion. That's why you have so many rich atheists given to philanthropy. It's a law that they have found to work.

There's even the saying that giving paves room forgiveness more.

I think it's a mindset. It's what makes the poor and the rich different.

The poor would be hold on to the little they have and the riches wouldn't mind giving to get more.

There's the popular saying that it money that brings more money. It's very true.

If poor people would just learn to not believe so tight-handed, they'll done that things would be better.


That is the wrong way to think. They say the more you give the more you will receive. That is true but giving is not necessarily monetary.

I will give someone something maybe a gift or it could be my time or just some help. I honestly don't expect anything in return and if I do it is unexpected. It is these actions where you receive more back a you do it out the goodness of your heart. If you expect thing in return then you have ulterior motives for these actions and wont benefit from them.

I am a giver and take pleasure in giving things to people and find it uncomfortable receiving. I think that is the difference between givers and takers. A giver doesn't expect but a taker does.



Have you eve wondered why, when you decide to give someone your cloth or shoes, it becomes instantly attractive or when they put it on, you will say "wow this shoes are still great" (inside of you) . Human nature is negatively skewed or negatively biased.

So letting go of what we have is instinctively difficult, even with the promise of "givers never lack". The human wants is insatiable, so much so that when we receive, we usually want more as our mind has already exhaust all of it by bringing up wants and needs in their various forms. ( Now you are thinking " we suck" right?). Not so fast.

Andrew Carnegie, spent the last part of his life giving out his wealth. Bill Gate, Warren Buffet and many other have made giving a lifestyle. They also created a website for big time givers


What it means is that we can all learn to be givers no matter how small, we can nurture the giving habit until it becomes part of us. Everyone, whether you have big or small, we have to fight to be a giver because giving will make the world a better place.


Most people find it difficult to give because it's not in their nature to be generous. Generosity is an habit and until one develops such habit, he/she would find it difficult to assist others freely.

I've been in situations where those I thought could help me never bothered or did anything because they find it difficult to help someone. The sad thing is that such type of people are very quick to ask others for help when they are the ones in need.

People that have not develop the habit of giving will always find it difficult to assist other people regardless of whether they have in abundance or not. They will always come up with excuses of why the could not assist