How much money do you want to make in your life?

As much as I can to make a living without having any necessity to earn further. Today I have been doing lots of things that I really don't like doing for the sake of money. If I reach a state where there is no further necessity to make money, I would be really happy and start chasing my dreams and leave a peaceful life. Read further to know more about my interesting dream. I have given lots of thoughts towards this and I still feel it is achievable through a strong source of passive income. 

I'm sure everyone in this world will want to make enough money for a happy life. There are only very few people who would say that they don't really need any money. Other than that all other people would say that they really need lots of money to fulfill all their dreams. I have a small calculation in my mind for my life which I would like to share. 

How much?

Currently my intention is to make a passive income source that will fulfill all my basic needs in life. I have an exact value in my mind. If I'm able to achieve that value, I would stop working and start chasing my dreams and do things that I really want to do. My rest of my life should be peaceful inclined towards the path of spirituality and rendering as much help to others. 

It doesn't stop with just money

It is not just money alone that I desire. I will also need a peaceful life for which I would like to create a beautiful habitat for me to live with my family. The habitat will have the following things:

  • The first criteria is that the habitat should be inside India which is my birth place. Definitely not inside a city. I hate the transformations that happen in a city. The habitat should be in a neat village. 
  • I would like to choose a place that has good historical importance
  • Nearly 5 acres of land for setting up my habitat.
  • A beautiful and traditional farm house in a maximum of 1/4 acres of land with enough rooms for the guests. It will mostly be a structure made of wood and stones and definitely not a concrete structure. 
  • A small lake/pond inside my habitat for nearly 1/2 acres filled with fishes. This will also be the water source for my habitat throughout the year. 
  • 1/4 acres of land for flower garden which will feed the bees I would keep inside my habitat. 
  • 1/4 acres of farm land where I would cultivate vegetables and other basic food needs for my family. 
  • 1/4 acres of land to grow all fruit bearing trees that will be a food for not just my family but also for all the species that live around me. 
  • 1/4 acres of land for pathways and borders of my habitat will be fully filled with traditional trees/fruit bearing trees that would help the birds make a neat habitat.  
  • 1/4 acres of land for growing medicinal plants and herbs. 
  • 1/4 acres of land for Goshala (A place for cows) with two grazing zones. One grazing zone will be let to grow while another is let to graze. 
  • 1/4 acres of dense trees which will act like a mini forest inside my habitat. 
  • 1/4 acres of open land for playing or any physical activity. 
  • 1/4 acres of chill out zones with small huts that will accommodate guests. 
  • 1 acre of land for power generation to fulfil my power needs. 

I still have  more acre of land left. Maybe I will leave that as farm land or plan something on them as well. 

I would like to make as much money as possible that would fulfil my above dream. After I earn enough to setup the above habitat, I will also look forward to get a passive income to sustain my life in that habitat and then stop working and start looking for the real purpose of my life. 

Image Source: Pixabay.com


I actually haven't given much thought to this. I guess I'm not quite as touched about the amount as the level of impact I want to make.

Money is a tool and shouldn't be regarded as the end. It is just the means to an end.

There was a time in my life when my every thought was always 'How much do you have?'. I had to literally correct myself. It's not the money, it's what the money can do for you.

Money is important. There can be no comfort without money. Even the Christian holy book says that money answers everything. So, it's not settled that money is important.

However, I don't think that money should be the sole focus. Of what use is money when lives are still the same around us?

The money we have isn't meant for mindless gallivanting. It's meant for impacting our world, ensuring that the lives of others around us are bettered.

If that means getting more and better more money, then, by all means let it be.

Money would always gravitate towards those who are solution oriented. Money gravitates towards solution providers.

So, in conclusion, I'm not so much moved about the amount as I am about the level of impact I want to have.

See men like Bill Gates whose impact transverses Continents. That's what I think and I'm concerned about. Jeff Bezoz is as wealthy as the impact he's had on the world population.

It's impact that matters, not the amount money culminated.


Enough to live comfortably and secure a happy life for me and family. Personally I see no reason to accrue more wealth than is needed for a healthy comfortable life where one has the basic ammenities needed in life.

Nobody wants to have less than neccesary, too of course. I live in a country with one of the highest population of poor people and I can tell you strongly that involuntary penury is the worst thing that could ever happen to you in life. I say involuntary because there are of course friars and monks, mendicants who CHOSE to live that lifestyle. But it is important to make that distinction because that fact of *choice* is absolutely important. They chose it, to attain a certain kind of mindset. I can assure you that this changes a lot. Imagine a child growing up in an household where the parents are stark poor. The little one didn't nothing to deserve the suffering into which she is being plunged.

So yeah, definitely, having less is not the way to go for me. Still having more than is nrccesary isn't so attractive either. I'm one of the people who really believe that with more money comes more problem.

An excuse for owning excess wealth might be charity and altruism. And yes a lot of filthy rich people, like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, for example, perform highly charaitable endeavors and in fact own a lot of charity organizations doing much good around the world. But mostly the quest for excess riches comes from an affinity for affluence.

Resources are limited, and most people are brought up with a lifestyle of managing resources, which is why in our capitalist system with advertisements and media both traditional and mainstraim and social media blasting consumerism in our faces it is easy to get engrosses in the quest for riches so as to emulate the various opulent lifestyles we see everyday.

This is well and good. The system allows it. Everyone is allowed to have his own thoughts, that is at least the supposed beauty of it. Which is why a house with a cabin with books and good music and happiness for my family is all I ever dream of.


Well thats a tricky question.  

I think our desires are endless.  

Once we achieve a target, we setup a new target.

We can’t be satisfied. Its because of our nature. We as human are restless. 

Say we wet our target to 1 million, Once we achieve 1 million then we will be looking for another one. 

So there is no limit to our desires. 

Our desired are endless and we can't be 100% satisfied with our desires. 

These are our desires or restless nature that makes so many innovations and the progress we have made so for. 

If we were not so restless in nature all the technology progress could not be made.


I am not going to put a number against it but it would be a number that makes me not struggle from month to month.

It has to be a realistic number that I can support my family and look after everyone in retirement. With inflation going up every year it seems it is hard to work out what one would need to live on in 20 or 30 years.

So to answer the question it would be enough for now and my retirement years and to leave some for my kids when I have gone. I am not a greedy person so I am not after mountains of cash.


Enough to be comfortable and afford the basic necessities in life. Enough to not have to worry that we may not be able to afford rent because our husky developed epilepsy and we had to pay for testing to try and determine the cause as well as medications to help control them. Enough that my roommate doesn't have to take on a second job and essentially be working 60+ hours a week between the two in order to keep affording stuff.

I don't need a fancy house or a fancy car. Just enough space to more comfortably keep our animals, not worry that groceries will drain our accounts, and have some saved up in case of emergencies like the car breaking down or one of our animals needing emergency vet care.


I don't care, just enough to live the life I want and need at that moment, without having to worry about things.

 I don't need to have a big ass ferrari, I'm quite happy with my ford. I just want to know for sure that if it breaks down, I have enough money to buy another car that brings me where I need an want to be.


In as much I'd like to put a value to the amount of money I'd like to make in my lifetime, I can't. This is simply because human wants are insatiable and the more I make the more my expenses and the more I want to make more.

However, notwithstanding the fact that I'm human and cannot be satisfied with any state I find myself, I'd like to make as much money I can to live the lifestyle of my choice, provide for my family and give them the best life they could ever dream of.

Also I'd like to make as much money that'll last my generation a lifetime even if I grow old and die, my family should be able to continually enjoy the life I've built for them.

Hence the reason why there can't be a particular value attached to the amount I want to make in a lifetime


I just want to make enough to survive comfortably.  Money tends to cause more issues, the more you have of it. This can easily be witnessed in society. I don't like attention, and I don't like drama. 

I just want comfortability, and for my kids to not go without. 



I want to control every piece of money in the world, no one will have any but me!!!!!


Well because I honestly believe I could do a better job of meetings society's needs than is being done today.

I would level the playing field. Every one gets the same income, every item costs the same everywhere.

Those poor arms dealers and war mongers would have to live off and fund their armies with the same amount that the cashier girl at the convenience store makes. The drug cartels? Well try living off a fast food workers salary.


That would put an end to wars pretty fast, it might even stop government corruption as no one would be able to bribe anyone else.

Betcha didn't see that coming for answer and reason huh?