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What are the biggest things you’ve learned in life to date?

I am quite young, so I still have a lot to learn; however, one thing that I learned is that you should always be ready for surprises from life. We all have plans, dreams, hopes, wishes. Nevertheless, most of the time, things change. You cannot achieve all your goals, as you cannot have all you want. In order to be happy, you need to keep in mind that not all your plans will be successful, but you have the capacity to make the best of everything.

I wanted to study medicine in Austria, but I couldn't pass the exam, so I decided to stay in my home country Turkey, and study something related to languages for only 1 year, only to try my chance for medicine again. Guess what! I liked languages, so I stayed., and I am really happy.

The thing here is that, I was planning to become a psychiatrist for more than 5 years. Literally everything was planned; where I will work, what I will do... Now, I cannot know whether I would have been happier becoming a psychiatrist, and I do not care. I am happy now, that is all that matters.

I am not saying do not pursue your dreams, you should! However, do not restrict yourself only to one thing. There is a lot going on in the world, and you can be missing them. 


Oh, I love this question. the biggest things I have learned to date.

Save your money before you have kids,

when me and my wife met each other we were only young, we didn't think about money as we needed it but more to go out an enjoy ourselves, when we had our first kid we had only been together 18 months and had nothing to start with. we relied on family and friends helping us out otherwise we would have been really stuck.

If I could go back in time and say to my younger self save your money and you will have a better life I would as the first steps in our relationship with a kid was really hard.

Now i have 3 children, I save money all the time, it isn't like I am saving for a brighter future but more a long the lines of when my kids need things like shoe and clothes or if they want to go to the cinema with their friends and things like that.

Another thing I have learned to date is..

Mum always knows best, I am not joking you she is always right, (don't tell her this though) she always tells me still to this day to do something in s certain way and I think to myself I will do it my way and I all ways get it wrong, I have now started listening to my mum and you know what I get things right nearly all the time. it is crazy what this lady knows, she is like the living google of information.

I can think of some smaller things to,

one is always wash your hands, this is common sense but I know people that don't do it and they have been poorly more times than I can remember, lookly my mum taught me to do this at a young age.

Wash your hands after chopping chillies and going to the loo, this is a nightmare if you don't, I once didn't and I could have cried it was that painful. 


we have previously said that is so outward. we live this once small and we are all the same .. and a little bit we start great and knowledge of the knowledge that we instill in our souls. and so many of the obstacles we face and the most important thing for me is learning from the mistakes we have ever done and we have to rise from all our aspirations that have not been achieved because this is very important .. my best guess in the life of ours is. learn from the mistakes and keep the spirit in doing what we have planned. this is so amazing in my opinion ... thank you for asking. hopefully my answers are satisfactory for musing.io always


The biggest thing I learned to let things go. This is very helpful for me because now I do not have to worry about which I used to do every now and then. Now my mind is much more peaceful than before, now I am much more relaxed.


One sad lesson I've learnt so far in life is to trust no one. It's better that way because betrayal won't come from your enemy but from a close friend.