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What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?

Thinking on this question made me realise that I have actually been living a very boring life.

I haven't done anything that may be deemed "risky" in awhile. The riskiest thing I can think of that I did was probably a while ago when I was still livng full time with my parents, I was in secondary school I think about 14 13 years old and there was this really awesome party that was to happen at my friends house that I wanted to go to so muh.

It wasn't even like a real party or anything hip or whatnot, it was just like a family gathering where they were having a naming ceremony or something, but it was fun and all my friends were going to be there from school and everyone was talking about how cool it'll be to meet each other outside of school for the first time and have fun and stuff.

So I really wanted to go but my friend's house was pretty far from mine and my parents were, let's just say, very conservative, and pretty paranoid too. So I knew that definitely there was no way in heaven and hell they were going to let me go to a party that far. I mean even if it had been close I still had little chance.

In my mind of course I had already started devicing plans on how to make it to the party without them knowing. If I didn't tell them about it at all I could find a way to sneak out and sneak back in before they arrived from work or wherever.

But then I go considered that maybe a miracle really might happen and if I told them and asked nicely for permission they might allow me. So I asked them and I got a definite NO. In fact my dad was so adamant on me not going there that he said he was going to give me the whooping of my life if he should ever hear that I set foot out the house after school.

So this scared me a lot of course and I had to abandon my plan that I had of sneaking there. But the next day at school, which was the day of the ceremony, the excitement on all my friends faces were so much, and the enthusiasm with we all talked about it, and the freedom and everything, made me so jealous that without even knowing it I made the conscious decision that I was going to go to their party or die. I wouldn't care if I got all the beatings in this life I was still going to go. Nothing could stop me.

So after school immediately the bell rung I called my friends up so that we could go but most of them said they were going to go home to change first so I was on my own, i also had to go home and thankfully there was nobody home yet. Not my sisters not my dad not my mum, so what I did was I changed my clothes, put the new one on and set out! I ran like a mad man to the place where I got the bike.

I was so scared of course but I felt like a badass and my heart was beating and pumping and I was just so excited and scared at the same time. When I got to the party it also turned out that the party wasn't all that. It was full of old people and old music, and most of my friends didn't even make it. Only about 3 of them including my friend who was having the ceremony. And I was disappointed, and would have been absolutely devasted if not for the fact that they had good food and it was about to be served.

Well at any rate I knew I couldn't stay long, and after wasting more than enough precious time waiting for the food to be served I lit out of there again and was on my way back home. And what should I meet on the road but terrible traffic!

I guess that's one of the reasons I've stopped taking risks so much lately is because I never have any luck with these things that requires taking risks and going at things blindly, be it just throwing a die or sports bet or whatever, I'm always very unlucky and something will just happen that will just turn everything against me.

Anyway by the time I got home it was already late at night and everybody was looking for me. It was one of the most terrible day of my life and it's funny now when I look back on it but that night iy wasn't funny at all. Of course my dad was just waiting for me to get back and the anger in his eyes was just so palpable all I wanted to do was disappear or enter into the ground.

So that's it, definitely the most risky thing I've done. And I'm sure you'll understand how after the whooping I received that night I decided never to take risks again.


Quitting my job and following my dream is the biggest risk I have ever taken. After completing academic studies I joined a company. Everything was going well. Later I realized the reality and this is not what I want. 

To make a living, you have to work for others or you have to work for yourself. Many people work for others. Some people work for themselves. To be an entrepreneur is not easy. Still I made a decision to go for it. Everything was working according to the plan. When I quit my job, my family members got sick. And a lot of money spent for medical expense.

If you want to do something, you will not realize how hard it is until you start doing it. It seems easy from outside, the people who are doing it know it very well. Maybe that's why, many people are doing their job they hate. The alternative is the tough one.

There is something that I did not think before. You have to face something you do not know. That is totally uncertain. It makes a big barrier on my path. I have to go through a hard time. Sometimes we all have to face challenges to go ahead. And you do not have the other way to move on.

I’m optimistic. The pain and problem I’m facing right now, it is temporarily. There is light on the other side. If life is a challenge, let's face it.


I am amidst going out on a very huge risk. Being a student understudy, I distributed an examination paper this year, and three more papers of mine are in the survey procedure or going to be sent for audit. I have great CGPI and could have gotten PhD in great spots.

Be that as it may, I am not showing up for GRE or TOEFL, and I'm not holding a candle to the current situation anyplace for PhD which everybody including me had accepted would have been my way. Rather, I'm propelling a startup one year from now with 2 of my companions and have officially completed a great deal of work for it. Since we required vast subsidizing to build up the application and dispatch the administration, we propelled a conventional firm (we dont get a kick out of the chance to consider it a startup however :) ) through which we have been directing old design business and have earned a decent measure of cash to support the tasks of the startup for the following year.

We began a startup to begin a startup ! Indeed we're cool.

I am taking in a considerable measure each day, I'm creating as a representative and as a man. I am shedding the self observer parts of my identity and leaving my usual range of familiarity. Today, I am more intelligent than yesterday. Tomorrow, I'll be more quick witted than today.

Gracious, and I'm mysterious in light of the fact that the startup will be a shock for my companions and individuals around me. I'll likely go un-mysterious one year from now. :p Hush .......