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How do we Know that humans are the major cause of global warming?

Well, this is a good question and in the process of leading the society to a modern world, to a high standard of living, humans have only exploited the nature as much as possible and if the exploitation was inevitable in some cases for survival, the other steps/alternatives to restore the environment has not taken up by human beings seriously. Here it is not just confined to any particular country. More or less everywhere across the world we have seen exploitation of nature and environment which is the major cause of global warming.

(1) CO2 emission is the largest due to human factors which is the major cause of global warming.

We need automobiles so as to meet the transportation needs and as on date that is mostly dependent upon fossil fuels and as a s result of burning of fossil fuels the primary air pollutants like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide are being produced. These are green house gases which is contributing the rise of average global temperature and hence causing global warming.

(2) SO2, NO2, Suspended Particulate matter from Industrialization

All the major industrial sectors like Steel plant, Power Plant, Aluminium Plant, Cement Plant, Fertilizer plant, Mines, Refineries cause significant emissions of primary air pollutant like SO2, NO2, Suspended Particulate matter and these pollutants are not just killing the entire nature but to human being also. Just imagine our so called development and prosperity is at the cost of nature and environment and resulting in pollution, deforestation, global warming etc.

(3) Deforestation is still continuing and is a major threat to the next generation.

If the human evolution have been stronger and longer to this date this is primarily because of Green environment, Nature and a well balanced Ecosystem. Humans in recent times have started abusing the nature to such an extent that the exploitation of all kinds of forest is still on, despite of having laws and regulation at different places and countries. When deforestation takes place not only it releases more CO2 as there will be no tree to absorb CO2 and release more Oxygen, but also the secondary harm is that the habitats in the forest are also endangered species as a result of deforestation. Only the number of humans are increasing and all other species are decreasing in numbers continuously. For this the Humans are only responsible.

(4) Increasing number of concrete forest

Our blue planet is going to be converted into a grey planet for sure. He have exploited nature and started building the concrete forest and so many RCC houses we have built and this is still on and continuing. Despite living in a modern world, we have not been able to devise a nature friendly home. These RCC homes are also making contribution to hot climate in a locality. And I personally believe that  even if the science formulate a model of home which can be nature friendly and will make the surrounding less hot as compared to RCC building, our human society is so complex that we won't be able to enforce that at ground level and this process will continue, unless there is a broad based awareness among the people regarding global warming and its causes.

The time has come for the human society to think up seriously and to lead a life which can be more Nature friendly and for that we have to switch to clean and renewable source of energy and in stead of burning fossil fuel to meet our day to day needs we have to rely upon clean and renewable source of energy like solar power, wind power etc. These source of energy are  in abundance and not scarce and most importantly theses are the true source of energy because neither it will pollute the Eco system nor it is harmful to any other living being.

With that being said Humans have to do some more R&D on these clean energy sources so that cost effective model can be formulated for common man and also the mind set has to change and we must raise the consciousness and awareness level of human society in regard to Nature and Environment and the importance of other habitats in the Ecosystem.

So it is a wake up call for the humans.

(Note: All the pictures are taken from pixabay.com)


Hi, I love this question. Men are the only animals with reasoning capacity, even so we are selfish by nature and with nature.

We are characterized by leaving the worst ecological footprints. The man, so far has remained at the top of the predatory pyramid and there is currently no creature that disputes the position. The greatest murderer on earth is man and he even kills for sport. The predator kills to survive The man is self destructive and is aware of the murder he is committing.

Man has become the voracious destroyer of the natural source of his own life, in his eagerness to overcome himself and, in a certain way, feels a little God; creator, inventor, transformer, owner of life, patron of the universe, forget that all things in nature are not made by chance, that each species occupies its place in the wheel of life, that each has a role.

It destroys its habitat with real viciousness, as if it hated the beautiful abode in which it lives, and the creatures that accompany it and live with it. It ends with the plants that are its shelter, its food and medicine, without the least gratitude, without the slightest consideration. Destroy and annihilate. Bomb the earth and every living being that crosses it with destructive force.

And so we could make a statement of how much thing destroys and / or tries to destroy man in his passage through the earth and each generation, as if it were the last thing that would exist. So much is the destructive desire of man, who tries equally to destroy his past and the historical past, the patrimonies of humanity.

Those who inhabit the Earth face real and growing risks, flora, fauna and humanity (man is also self-destructive). It is committed to the social destruction of the regions, attacks the species itself, is dangerous by temperament,

It makes wars where there are millions of dead, consumes drugs and narcotics, exchanges genetically modified viruses, which creates lethal epidemics. As an example AIDS. The British Medical Journal says that "AIDS will overcome the black plague that shook the world in the fourteenth century."

The technical and scientific work of man heats the Earth, the calorific agent is carbon dioxide (CO2). It is a consequence of the petrochemical industry, the combustion of coal, gas and oil, and the carbon monoxide in vehicles. Given its effects, the planet's environmental temperature increases, snow melts in the mountains, polar areas thaw, sea level rises, in temperate zones people die of heat. Since the industrial revolution that began in the second half of the eighteenth century, man forgot the damage he causes to the atmosphere.

Water, sustenance of life, is disappearing, the rivers, seas and streams get dirty or dry up. In contrast fall floods in large areas of the Earth. The picture of floods, drowned and disappeared is enormous. Oceans receive large amounts of liquid and solid waste, garbage and excreta daily from large and small cities.

The impact of man on Earth is equivalent to a collision with a large meteorite. Given these conditions, we must declare the planet Earth in a state of emergency, propose its sustainability and incorporate it within our plans, local and global, as an integral protection area.


Yes, I think human 

are responsible for global warming. There are many reasons for global warming. Now a day, people become more selfish for money. Now talk about the causes of global warming.

Smoke: We burn coal to build roads. It creates a lot of smoke. Buses, tracks, and bikes also make a lot of smoke. This smoke is harmful for all living creatures. This smoke is responsible for global warming. Smoke is polluting our environment.

Cut down trees a large number: Cutting down trees cause global warming. Trees are our best friend. We rely on trees to survive. The trees give us oxygen, wood, shade etc. Trees also maintain environmental balance. Trees are also protect us from many natural calamities. But many greedy people are cutting trees for money. Global warming is due to excessive cutting of trees.  The world's temperature is rising If this happens, the world will become uncomfortable to live. So, we should plant more trees.

Technology: Technology is also responsible for global warming. We use refrigerator, aerosol etc. We use refrigerator for preserving food or vegetable. But refrigerator produce CFC gas. CFC gas is very  harmful for all. CFC gas is attack our ojon layer. It creat hole in ojon layer. As a result many harmful ray coming from sun to earth. This ray are harmful for both human and animals. Aerosol also produce CFC gas. People uses those.

At last it can say that human are the main culprit for global warming.


Human inventions are important reasons why humans are the reason of global warming. Cars, ships, and other modes of transportations that emit smokes are a primary ozone layer killer that eventually cause global warming.

Companies and manufacturing buildings who emits smoke are a true killer of the world.

Human needs that causes us to cut trees, an important reason why we are suffering extreme heat.

The point is, humans are the dominant beings in this world. They rule the world and their discoveries paved a way of the world destruction.


As opposed to different answers hereabouts, we DO realize that CO2 and other Green House Gases warm the planet, our normal temperature generally would be the equivalent as the Moon, about - 18°C, given our separation from the Sun. We realize that the major GHG is water vapor however that CO2 and methane (among different gases) are imperative since they remain out of sight of the environment and don't drop out as rain, snow or dew. We additionally realize that a critical and rising extent of the CO2 gets from fossil sources in light of the fact that the isotopic parts are diverse because of the a great many years since the petroleum derivatives were shaped. Also the measures of petroleum products consumed are a nearby match to the fall in environmental oxygen as would be normal.

We are likewise estimating the measures of methane in the air got from human exercises like releasing petroleum gas well-heads and pipelines. Sadly, we are additionally estimating rising methane levels from subliming methane clathrates in both marine and tundra sources, because of rising temperatures especially in polar districts. By implication because of human movement without a doubt.


Thanks my friend for your good question. Man is the main culprit behind global warming.

There are many reasons behind this global warming. Global warming had become a great problem in this modern world. I think it is a curse. We are suffering from global warming in many ways. But it is a matter of sorrow that we are creating global warming by doing many harmful works.

The effects of global warming are many. They are : -

1. Global warming is increasing the temperature of the environment.

2. It effects on the ojon layer.

3. It has a great impact on our climate. And so on.

Most of the people know about the harmful effects of global warming but they still creating this. We, all are creating global warming in many ways. They are : -

1. We are cutting down trees indiscriminately. Though trees helps to prevent dought and flood. Trees also helps us to control the temperature of the environment.

2. We are using many chemical things in our laboratory or in many industries which are also responsible for global warming.

3. We are using many oil and gas in our cars, buses and trucks which remove black smoke in our environment. This black smoke also responsible for global warming.

By doing many things we are becoming responsible for global warming.


Depending on which places you visit you can really notice, there are some cities across the world in which the air is almost impossible to breathe due to all the disgusting things in it thanks to the industrial complexes around the cities.

Of course the warming of the earth is not something only humans are causing, the earth tends to go through cold and warm periods and we are actually still at the end of an ice age so it would be obvious for the earth to get warmer but we are accelerating it quite a bit with all our waste.

At least a lot of countries are already working on reducing waste and increasing the production of safe and renewable energies.


We don't.  But we do know that every answer that is proposed for it is radical centralization to be paid to redistribute wealth among nations giving up sovereignty and the true of social justice for the people.


Global warming is indeed a huge threat to the world.

Global warming is not a natural phenomenon we all are responsible for it in the personal capacity and also the governments of the world.

We all have to contribute towards the overcoming the problem of global warming.

First of all we should try to use alternative fuels which are environment friendly.

Second step that could be taken is to save the trees, plant more and more trees.

Infrastructural changes should be made in such a way that it should be minimize effect of environment.

Maximum efforts should be made to minimize the use of electricity.

Efforts should be made that work place should be closer to home so as to save fuel and energy.

Consume healthy and natural food.

Avoid unnecessary usage of energy.

Teach our children to save the tress involve them in environment friendly activities.


I always thought that cattle burping and farting is the main culprit behind global warming


Global warming isn't caused by humans . It is caused by the earth orbit around the Sun that changes over a long period of time ,as our orbit moves in an elliptical shape . This takes us closer to the Sun causing the planet to warm up or as it reaches its outer limit creating an ice age . Humans use of fossil fuel has only accelerated the warming process and raised the the average temperature a bit . What exact effect we have made is difficult to estimate as there is very little evidence of past occurance to gauge it by . We are not even sure where we are in the cycle as each full cycle takes about 100,000 yrs .