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Have you ever abandoned a creative idea that you believed because others thought you would fail?

Yes but this time I think it was the right decision. Most of the time when we abandon something we believe in, especially creatively for other people's opinion, it mostly turns out that when we look back on it we regret the decision in retrospect, but in this case I really don't think that's the case, because I pretty much have no regrets.

It was at story I was about to work on at the time, a novel set in a dystopian future with a lot of peculiarities. I'm not really going to go into details of it now because I still think some of the basic elements of it might still be a good idea, but what I'm going to say is that I submitted it and I got a literary agent for it and while we working on it I was told that in the end it really wouldn't appeal to a larger commercial audience and it will appeal more to an esoteric one.

Of course I was fine with that, but at that time, with the money, work, and time that was needed to be put into it, it just wasn't a very faesible plan so to speak, and so I had to abandon it. I mean I can pretty much work on it further in the future at a time when I'm comfortable and I don't really need the commercial success and everything but I had to take that advice, seeing as it was coming from somebody who really knew what she was talking about, and not taking the advice would have been even a more terrible decision for me.

Of course it is easy to say that we should always stick to our guns and our beliefs all the time, but in reality most of the times there are really people who knows more than us in certain areas. And it might be more prudent and more pragmatic to listen to them.

It's basically a two-edged sword; where on the one hand you have people trying to bring you down and the community trying to tell you not to do something they're wrong about, and on the other hand you have people who really know what they're talking about and are telling you not to do it because they know it's really not going to succeed.

I guess in the end it all comes down to *your* decision and whether or not you trust the person who is giving the advice, but ultimately it can go either way and in my case I like to believe that I was really saved for making a mistake and going down a path that will turn out not to be as fruitful as I'd hoped.

But again, this is NOT to say that abandoning our creative instincts for others opinion--no matter how erudite--is always the best course. People do make mistakes! Even experts. And most of them are just calculated guesses anyway.

Plus ometimes the world has a way of putting us down, and in this cases we have to stick to our guns and our beliefs in our works and try our best to make it work. In fact most of the most terrific inventions that has ever been invented has at one time or another been doomed to not succeed.

Some of them might have even gone through a period of ridicule and failure before things turn around. For example the Eiffel tower when it was first designed was laughed at in the architectural community and most people thought it was a collosal failure to be mocked. But in the future it turned out to be one of the most amazing terrific wonders of the world.

Not to talk of the different authors and artist that didn't receive the recognition their works deserved during the early part of their career or maybe even during their whole lifetime! But as time went on on opinions began to change and they were finally appreciated by the future generations.

Which is why I say in conclusion that it's all about the middle way. It's about making the decision for yourself and not closing your mind to the possibilities. It may turn out that the advice to abandon your creative effort is out of a calculated expert assessment and you should probably take it, and it can also turn out that it is coming from an uncalculated perhaps biased standpoint.

In the end it all depends on you and the decision is all yours.

Cheers and have a nice day.


Hi, I have skimmed passed this question a few times thinking whether or not I should comment/answer it as there was something big that I wanted to work on and creative.

A few years ago i was talking to a friend about Christmas and how there is no new Christmas songs they seem to be either ones that have already been done and remade or they are someone from the x-factor who gets number one because they won the contest which I don't see as fair as there are other songs out at the time.

When I was a kid there was a magical tv program that used to get shown on Christmas eve, it is called the snow man, it has no talking it is all hand drawn and it is very emotional. 

I said to my friend that there should be an opening to produce something like that made for every christmas and it should be different, some thing where the magic is made for millions of kids.

we decided to put some thought into it and after a month of talking about it we decided to make the cartoon for christmas and show it on youtube.

My mate is a graded musition and can pretty much play instrument he has even taught others to play which I find really cool.

The idea was for me to do the art work and where I struggle to get freelancers in on it to do the other stuff, we were going to put it together and add his music to it.

It came to a stand still as everybody who we talked to about the project said it would fail, and it never got passed the planning stages which does upset me as I think there is a market for this type of stuff for x-mas.

I would still like to go a head with the project but with all the negativity that has followed our way about it we decided to abandon the idea. 


I have been, many times where I thought this could be a potential community solver in our allowance. The real problem is "ego" and competitiveness. I have a boss/head who constantly reject my idea despite of how beneficial it is for our association. I was constantly pushing for some innovative creations for the association. But because of pure ego because there was one time I opposed his idea. We had series of conversations which I responded politely. I did my best to deliver my thoughts but he's initiated by his ego and pride.

Its an environment full of toxicity. As an engineering student, I always want to imply my creative thinking. Being innovative in what we do but I won't grow if those ideas where initially rejected before getting the whole idea of it.

Its depressing at some point that I don't feel I belonged to a family anymore. What I did is I left the environment and focus on finding the right ones - especially the compensation. Its kind of amazing to be in an environment that you can freely exercise your creative imagination.


Create ideas usually doesn't mean they are good, also tend to ignore many factors and that's ok. The problem is not having creative ideas, the important part is that they cover all basis. For example a creative idea for kids lunch could be that they could eat in class, is creative since it hasnt been done before, but you ignore the possible problems that it can cause wtih the class and the teachers. 

I would think, that the constant generation of ideas will make you produce such a quantity that one will become a big fit and then you should be able to pursue it. Then again not always you have the authority or the position to implement these ideas, my best bet is to document it and keep researching until you can be in a position to push it through.