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Do you have a Leadership creed. Which Leadership creed is the one you follow quite often?

Thank you so much I believe nobody is a born leader like most people would say I believe a leader emanates either because he was chosen as a result of qualities he's learnt or amassed over the years or because be was the best person that rises up to lead a group of people as a result of circumstances or situation, I've once been in a position where I found myself to be a leader not because I wanted to but I needed to.

In that situation I was tough decisions were to be taken but no one was willing to stand up and lead so for me I believe the leadership creed I lead is a sense of responsibility and that of hardwork.

I believe a leader needs to be responsible, needs to be viable willing to get difficult tasks done in order to accomplish set goals and aims, when I was leading a people and everybody seems to claim irresponsiblity I took a step forward to become responsible and when I did handwork followed because when a leader become responsible he will enact changes that are necessary even if it may not be palatable.

Mind you a leader cannot be totally loved if he follows valuable leadership creed that will bring about progress, because progress only happens when you work hard to change the way things were and not everybody loves change.So leaderships creeds are always difficult to enact and embrace because it comes with responsibilities and as a leader I choose to be responsible and work hard in order to bring change


Personally, I'm not much of a leadership creed person but there is this quote that made me the leader I am today. The quote goes thus ' if you want to lead you must first learn how to follow'.

This quote is premised on the fact that all leaders must first be servants to those they are tasked with leading. In practical terms it is called leadership by followership.

Ever since I discovered this quote I got the insight into my own personal leadership creed which have allowed me be an effective leader.

A leader that does not know how to follow or even know what his/her followers are going through under certain circumstances, wouldn't be effective in leadership.