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What is that thing you will never do in your life?

Well I have a lot of things that I believe I will never do. But while making all these lists I always like to believe that nobody ever has it in my mind to do something terrible out of the evil of their hearts. Every one would imagine themselves to be the hero when a situation arises, but in the real scenario it's mostly never like that.

So I always hope to never have any situation that may make it expedient for me to do any of the things listed below. So without further ado these are the things I try to never do.


I should start by saying that I can't say for certain that I've completely found out who I really am and have made peace with it. I'm learning new things about myself while assimilating new ideas every day. But the little I do know about myself that I cherish I always try my best to hold on to in the midst of any circumstance.

Situations happen in life that make us let go of our tenets and beliefs. Peer pressure might make us do things we'd never do, sometimes we may just find ourselves in an inescapable corner, between the devil and the deep blue sea, so to speak. But I've decided to always try to stick to my guns in situations like this, and most importantly pray that I never experience a situation that would be too strong for my conviction to handle.


Perhaps it's because of where I grew up in or the situations I've experienced but I decided a long time ago to always do my best to help people who are in need of a help I can provide. I know, however, that it isn't always plausible, and you can't help everybody, which is why I put the caveat that it must be a help that I can provide even if its not convenient, as long as it's not fatal to me in any sense.

Again I've always wondered why succesful people in high places find it difficult to do this, but I'm not the kind of person that judges and like I said, I understand that thinking a thing is actually very different from doing that thing and things might very well change when you reach the level, which is why I said these are the things I've decided to always TRY to do. And even though I'm not quite there yet, I think I can confidently say that with the little available, I am very well on the way.


I try my best to never judge people too harshly in any situation, in fact I try to not judge at all in most cases. Partly because no one has the to right to judge anyone in the first place, and most of the times the full factors required to come to the right conclusions about a case are never as readily available as we might think they are.

Certain happenings might look so terrible to us when we consider it from a perspective, and without knowing the full story we might come to thr conclusion that such and such person is evil and such and such person is good etc, but another person examining the same event from another perspective might see the exact opposite of the things we see. Which is why it's never advisable to judge a situation too strongly. Everyone has their story.


This is the only thing on the list that I can say definitely that I will NEVER EVER do. And I can say this because I've been in countless occasions that pushed me to the extreme in this aspect but I remained steadfast. And I did this because trust is one of the things I value most in life.

I realized one day that I would never want my trust to be betrayed, so I made it a point of fact to never betray anyone's trust in me. I never go seeking for this, though, and if I'm not worthy of a trust I say it before hand. But anything that makes me cherish your confidence in me also means that I'm ready to jealously guard that confidence--even into the grave lol.


Having just went through a break-up I've decided to NEVER EVER love again.

GOTCHA. I was just kidding on that one. But I was dead serious on the other things though (haha). Cheers and have a nice day.


Great question!!!! For me that would have to be commuting suicide.

Honestly I have no pity for those who commit suicide, I feel it's cowardly and selfish. The thing with death is that death may come for a person, it may happen to a person, but it's going to be felt by everyone else. No one knows for sure what comes after death, we don't know if there's a next life or if there's nothing, and we don't know if we'll be reborn or if we'll just completely cease to exist. What I do know is that people who commit suicide always leave people behind who loved them and miss them and will bear the brunt of their decision.

Times are hard, people are suffering more and more everyday but taking your life is never the answer; it's something that I just can't see myself ever doing. I don't believe in running away from my problems, I believe in facing them head on, so whatever it is that I'm facing, no matter how terrible, I don't think I'll ever take the short route and end my life, it's just not right.

It truly upsets me when I hear that celebrities took their lives. I know the cost of fame can be quite something but when you have millions of people who adore you and maybe even a family that lives you and cares for you, why on earth would you want to put such people through so much pain!!! It's utterly heart breaking.

I once had a friend who had been feeling ill for a couple of days, he assumed it was just malaria or typhoid but none of the anti-malaria or typhoid drugs he was taking were working, so he decided to go for some tests and found out that his liver was failing. After reading up on what people who's livers fail pass through and the amount of money they spend, he decided that instead of being a burden to his family, he should just take his life. The dude literally wore his best suit, wrote his suicide note then sat on his bed and blew his brains out.

I was so pained, and angry for so long, life is precious, there are people who would kill to spend time with the loved ones they've lost and someone is hear throwing it away because of money that will be spent to treat him; bear in mind his elder brother went missing and his body was found in a river just a few weeks prior to his suicide so the family was already going through hell and he decides to compound it.

I could never do that, no matter what I'm passing through, no matter the level of depression, I'll find someone to talk to, someone that'll understand, I won't be the coward that threw his life away because he couldn't take it anymore.


I could never under any circumstance guarantee to assume up liability which I can't satisfy.

Many humans fail in life as a result of this very nature of promising to assume up liability which we are unequipped for. I might want to straightforwardly cite on the way this is one of the exceptionally main motivation why individuals around us endure as a result of us.

When we guarantee to assume up liability which we are awkward about, we neglect to recognize that individuals begins putting money on you. They develop a dependence on your words and when you neglect to convey you ruin their enthusiastic set up and also their method for survival. It's not simply you who turn out as a washout. Individuals around you endure, lament and accept you as the greatest slip-up of their lives whether you don't convey what you guarantee them.

I will never boast about being something or somebody else. I will never under any circumstance take you on an adventure of feelings and abandon you amidst no where. I know how lost spirits meander in this world. I know how it feels got be lost among the group.

I could never lie on the way that I crossed my cutoff points I was ignorant of. Each and everything which a human does, is done under full still, small voice and cognizance. For instance, undermining somebody or first beginning to look all starry eyed at and afterward examining it as an oversight. Nothing passionate happens to a man where they are run low on still, small voice. Individuals are constantly mindful of each line they are intersection or wishing to cross when they set out to cross them. We as a human, complete couple of acts which would hurt our precious ones without a doubt yet then I won't imagine that I accomplished something which was outside my ability to control and now I am sad about that


Well this is a very tough question because we're uncertain what will happen tomorrow.

Even though I am struggling so much in life, the thing that as much as possible I will never do is try not to "borrow money". In any ways. I used to be spending money based on my appetite and if I am capable of spending it as of the moment.

I never advanced my money. I mean, I do not "advance" of receiving it by borrowing money. I can wait for it to happen. The biggest problem about borrowing is of course, the corresponding interest of it. 

Though many will argue about it but it is what I want to do. I want to be "debt" free in life and for that to happen, I need to work hard and be wise enough to do things that can generate income for me to be able to buy/eat what I want. For me, debts are one of things in life that puts you in danger no matter how much it helped your current state.


There are numerous things at the forefront of my thoughts, yet one that is much of the time there is I'd never smoke. I'm discussing cigarettes, stogies, shisha, and vape, however while composing the accompanying my brain will be generally centered around cigarettes.

I observe it absolutely nauseating to be straightforward. Truly everything it does is hurt you, it is more ugly than not, smells like poop and makes your breath smell horrible, and it is unfortunate and simply irritating for close-by non-smokers.

Try not to misunderstand me, I regard smokers who don't endeavor to weight any of their non-smoking looks into attempting it and don't bring any others along on their voyage to a speedier demise. I get that for some it feels better (I figure that is only the compulsion playing with their psyche, yet whatever). I get that it's difficult to stop.

What I here and there don't get is, for what reason do it in any case when it's clearly terrible? (I say now and then since I'm mindful of our blemished nature to surrender to peer weight, stretch, and different things.)

Definitely, I'm almost certain I'll never smoke in my life.

For those endeavoring to stop smoking, there is a video about habit (not simply to smoking) on YouTube by a person called Kurzegast (something to that effect… ). He clarifies it impeccably and it might help with endeavoring to stop. In the event that you can't watch, its essence is that you have to frequently encircle yourself with great organization and produce great associations with individuals who don't enjoy whatever you're dependent on or some other addictive substance.

Kindly, don't murder yourselves gradually.


I would never cheat to my boyfriend . That is the thing that I will never do in my life. It would be the biggest mistake of my life if I will commit that actions. I want to stay as loyal as I could . We both promised to each other to be loyal  and have a full trust . I don' t want to break our promise. :) 


Stealing is that thing i can never do in my life, For no reason or cause would i try it, In fact, anything relating to taking what does not belong to me.


I want to answer this in a funny way.

I will never ever take part in any food eating/drinking competitions. I can't even think of it. Because I am a person who eats very slowly,cherishing every bit. Eating quickly and leaving the table is one of the thing I hate. But doesn't mean that I will do the same in a very busy situation. I act accordingly too ;) But I always prefer to relax and eat.  I can't even bear watching such competitions. Lols. I rather die than participating in one. So that is one thing I will never do in my life.


I could never pulverize life of a young lady for purpose of simply desire .

There is a pattern now that a kid ought to get sweetheart , they both make out then he abandons her , once in a while even pregnant.

On the off chance that you had made somebody pregnant at any rate you ought to have obligation of her and tyke.

He never considers injury she goes on .

Do you recognize what occurs next ?

Children that are recently conceived are tossed in dustbin or different spots that are found by police. this cases are seen extremely visit in Rural North Gujarat.

At that point he again finds another sweetheart and cycle goes on.

I am not saying all young men are same and even the other way around is genuine .

a few young ladies leave young men in center of their relationship.Then he faces despondency.

This is the thing that should be stop.


I will never commit suicide..... no matter how painful my life is, no matter how miserable my life is, no matter how hopeless my life is, no matter how struggling my life...........after all I have been blessed with a human body, my soul should be grateful to almighty for being blissful to me and giving me human body for this life, so that I can progress the journey of my soul towards enlightenment.

Th macro fundamental of human life is not about materialistic accomplishment but about utilizing the human body to attain salvation and there will be life after life....death after death but  we don't know what will happen in our next life. So instead of being deceptive of what we have not achieved materialistically as compared to others we should feel grateful to almighty.

Human life in itself is a gateway of tremendous potential and it has the potential to connect to the infinite dimension of the Universe, once you start to know the paradigm of universe and the whole existence, you will start living in gratefulness not just to the Almighty God but also to every other existence around you.

I am not saying people to not to work word or not to set a goal in material life, those are also essentials but those are not the ultimate aim of lime, in order to rout the life in a healthy way and in order to live peacefully and to become self sufficient we definitely need money and for that we have to work hard, but those are one of the various aspects of life, not the ultimate aspect of life and the earlier human soul understand this, the better will be journey of soul towards enlightenment.

Thank you and Have a great day.


One of the things to not do in our life is to burn bridge or else one day those contacts that we burn at this moment of time due to some unhappiness may come back to haunt us someday. I guess the best thing is to be good to anyone we meet even if they treat us badly. Sometimes it does pay to control our own ego and pride.

The other thing I felt that we should not do is to keep buying things that we can't actually afford. This will actually become an impulsive habit that we will have a hard time breaking out of. So i eliminated my credit cards from my life to ensure that I can protect myself from any temptations of buying stuff.


One thing I will never do, is be unfaithful to my life partner.