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Traffic congestion has become a serious issue. Will technology ever solve the traffic congestion problem?

Yes, I think that traffic congestion will eventually get solved. Perhaps even in the near future. 

Once we switch over to self-driving cars & automatic public transport, I can almost guarantee that there will no longer be any congestion. Self-driving cars, in combination with automated public transport would just eliminate traffic jams for the most part. 

Think about it, in theory self-driving vehicles would be far less accident-prone than their counterparts. aside from that, they would be able to drive in a more efficient manner than humans would. 

I really do think that traffic congestion will be a thing of the past. 


Great question! This is a topic that I am always discussing my friends, especially since our government is promoting about SmartNation. Traffic congestion is a problem that plagues our daily life with all the time wasted. Moreover, vehicles caught in jams are responsible for the pollution of the environment.

1. Intelligent traffic lights. Our government had recently announce that there are research into improvising traffic lights with AI. I believe this is a positive step towards improving traffic conditions. The trial will aim to cut down waiting time between each traffic change by using sensitive cameras coupled with AI. This will ultimately smoothen traffic flow. A key aspect of this research is to ensure a high standard of safety is kept.

2. Self driving car. We all agree that a 100% safe self driving car is only possible if all the cars on the road are self drive. This means every single car on the roads are operated by computers that linked to a central server. This way, there are no human decision involved. As we know, most traffic accidents are caused by human misbehaviour, eg carelessness, rash driving, or simply poor decision. 

3. Satellite and GPS. The existing GPS system is good enough when it comes to providing direction and routing. However, with advanced technology applied in the future, we can see the GPS evolving into a highly intelligent system that provides smart routing. This is possible if every vehicle or driver are linked to a central system. The central system can pinpoint the exact location and destination of each vehicle and plan the best route. Not only does it plan this single route, it shall gather the GPS of every vehicle and provide the best route. 


Yes, I think technology can solve traffic congestion.

Traffic congestion is one the worst problem of this modern world. It occurs in big cities and towns. There are many reasons behind this serious issue. They are overtaking tendency, over loading passengers, talking over mobile phone when driving and so on.

Technology give us the modern world as a gift. What we are looking around us this all things are gifted by technology. Technology makes our life easier. Technology invented many things for our welfare.

Technology can also solve this traffic congestion problem. There is nothing what cannot solve by technology. Technology can solve this problem by doing this things:-

1. Traffic signal lights are very helpful for solving this problem. These traffic signal lights were invented by technology. By using traffic signal lights traffic congestion problem solved a little.

2. Drivers are not willing to obey the traffic rules. So, we can let them know the result of not willing to obey the rules by creating animation videos. There animation videos can be made through technology.

3. The driver are driving car, bus or truck at they sweet will. And even sometimes they drive so raf. As result they do accidents. We can teach they how have to drive in safe by creating virtual driving environment.

4. There are many drivers who are not well qualified. Whatever they come out for driving. That's why they causes road accidents. So, we can learn them how to drive their vehicles well by creating virtual driving environment. It is not only safe but also save our money. Because when we are learning drive by real car then as we don't know how to drive, there will be chance for crushing. It may increase the cost of learning driving.

5. We can also make awareness in social medias about how to solve the traffic congestion problem. Then everyone knows about it and they will make themselves for solving this problem.

This all measurements can be work through technology. So, we can say that technology can solve traffic congestion problem.


I think in the next 10 years we will see very little congestion in the major cities.

If you take the human element out the equation by using self driven cars then the cars would know through the technology what is happening ahead and either choose a faster route or would drive in a manner that wouldn't aid the congestion.

The road technology will change with intelligent beacons feeding the cars information plus I can see traffic lights changing according to traffic volumes. There will be a proper traffic management system in place. Who knows the roads may be a lot quieter anyway as I suspect more people will work from home.

Most likely we will see less accidents in the future but will everyone accept self driven driving. I prefer to drive so I would be reluctant to let a computer drive me.


I believe so, engineers like Elon Musk are already looking at ways to reduce congestion. Such as an underground transportation system that is ultra high speed, and energy efficient. Projects like this are currently being researched and under development.