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Imagine the World is going to finish tomorrow. What things would you love to do before World ends?

Well if the world was going to end tomorrow then I think I'd just want to spend time with family, friends and my significant other. I wouldn't want to try out a new dish, I wouldn't want to go paragliding or do anything that I've never done before, nope, I'd just want to spend time with the people I love and the people that love me.

I'd sit and laugh with my siblings as we eat our last meals together knowing fully well that it would all be over by the next day. I'd play football with my friends and make sure that I score the hat trick that I've been dreaming of scoring since I was in high school. I'd sit down and have a bear with my old man(something I've never done before) and tell him all the mischievous things I've done over the year.

I'd end the day by going to see my significant other, of course I wouldn't want her to do anything other than spend time with her family as well so that's why I'd hold off on going to see her till it was night time. We'd take a long walk, so we could gist and spend as much time together as possible. We'd visit our favourite eateries and order our favourite meals, go see a movie and just enjoy each others company. We'd probably even go to a church or a court somewhere and get married so that at least wed dies as husband and wife.

Finally, we'd retire to our private quarters and consummate our marriage then fall asleep in each others arms, that way when the end comes, we'll leave this world together.


The world ending tomorrow oh my goodness. There is so much left to be done and how can I possibly achieve them in 24 hours. Things I would love to do before the world ends requires time, planning and finance and being that I have 24 hours then it is very unlikely I would achieve them.

First thing I'll do is confess my sins and become a serious Christian. I believe in heaven and hell and if the world ends at least let me make heaven...lol. peace with my God shall be top priority,

Second thing I would love to do is get married. Yeah I always have imagined what it would be like being married. A fantasy I'm yet to achieve so I guess I will propose to any young man and ask him to marry me for just 24 hours since the world is ending soon. It sounds crazy right? I will also love to be a mother but that can only be possible if There is a technology by then that can help one get pregnant and give birth in 24 hours.

I will love to travel the world. I watched a movie around the world in 40 days but mine will be around the world in 24 hours. It will be amazing if I can just teleport myself anywhere I want with just a snap of my finger.

These are the things I would love to do before the world ends tomorrow,