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What is the difference between health care quality and health care value?

Health care quality is all about having greater focus on patients healthcare outcome more than on the number of patients one clinician can see in a day. It is defined as doing the right thing for the right patient at the right time in the right way to achieve the best possible result. When quality of health care services improves, it increases the desired outcome. Health care quality is measure with six domains which are

1. How safe is the Health care being provided to the patient. Is it safe or will do more harm?

2. Is the healthcare being abused? Health care should be effective when given to those who benefits from it.

3. Are the patients top priority? The patients preferences and needs needs to be considered in making clinical decisions.

4. Are the services timely or delayed?

5. Is there equity or preferences are considered in relation to gender, tribe and religion before rendering health services.

If all these checks then the Health care is said to be of quality.

Healthcare value on the other hand is all about the value of healthcare received by a patient. It measures health outcome against the cost of the service rendered. Health care value makes sure that a patient received healthcare quality at the same or lower cost for a given condition. This helps the patient determine which doctor or hospital can give a more quality health care at lower cost.

Health care value is just saying the cost of health care quality against desired health outcome.