What Should be Done if Musing does not upvote all the questions and answers posted anymore?
What is the essence of posting answers and questions without any upvote. Is this not a discouragement to the enthusiast

For a long time, Musing has not upvoted anything close to 100% of the questions and answers posted.  No one has a right to expect upvotes here; those upvotes should be considered as bonuses that are earned based on merit -- questions and answers that Musing's curation team deem to be of high quality, based on a set of guidelines.  You may find those curation guidelines here:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WKYGhdPhLKNHytsxAPPQiXyv5UBY6nUKM8IhG5PUgfA/edit

As for why someone would be willing to post answers and questions without any guarantee of a financial reward, that will vary depending on each individual's motivations.  Some people may post questions out of pure curiosity to get opinions, while others may seek information that they couldn't find elsewhere on the Internet.  On the answering side, some people are just naturally inclined to be helpful, while others like to express opinions or engage in discussion and debate, and yet others may just want to show off their knowledge to the world.  Where there's a Q&A site, there will be all sorts of people with different motivations as to why they are there.

If you are receiving no answers to the questions that you asking, then maybe you have a reason to be discouraged due to lack of engagement.  However, I see no good reason to be discouraged from posting on Musing due to a lack of upvote or other financial reward -- people who feel discouraged with musing.io for financial reasons should reconsider their purpose(s) for being here and what they hope to get out of this site.


We cry

We moan

We bitch

We lament

We move on

Musing.io owes us nothing. If they decide to stop upvoting or even if they, as another question asked, left the steem blockchain that is their decision only.

We can be grateful now but we must realize this is their platform and they can do what they want. If that means not upvoting anymore and letting it become just a regular quora then that is their, and their decision only


Personally, I just found this now and am so happy to have seen it from a new member (ratnabarman) who made a comment on my Ulog. Haha. Her profile is filled with it so I got curious.

Musing.io is right up my alley. I like answering questions!  I am a member of myLot just because I like posting questions and getting answers and have a discussion out of it. I would spend time cruising around that site especially when I didn't have much to do back then.

Q&A sites are pretty cool to me! I was even on Yahoo! Answers a lot when it was popular. Even getting Several Best Answers. Ah those were the days when you don't need to get paid just to help anyone. 

So my take on this is, if you'd like to use Musing.io to primarily earn money then may I suggest you check on my Steemit money posts to find other ways to earn online. If you like answering questions and asking them and then getting some Steem for your Musing posts then that's the icing on the cake! ♥

Actually I'm probably gonna cruise around here for a while and see what other questions I can answer. Haha. What fun. I'm seeing some spammy questions already.

I suggest Musing users search for questions related to their topic first before posting a similar question. It may have been posted already so to make this site better type your topic in the search bar first. :) Am not seeing any FAQ section yet so hmmm... I better check further.

Not sure if Musing.io will be the best Steemit dApp or not but I'm now a fan, upvote or no upvote. :D I'm hoping there will be an option to add pictures and emojis in the future. Ah this is an exciting time to be on here. :)

It's not the end of the world if the Musing curators don't upvote your answers or questions imho. If your idea of online fun is the same as mine then stick around here and don't worry about the upvotes! ^_^



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Why not take a look at the popularity of Quora.com . There are no rewards there. 

For most people, just helping and enjoying taking part is enough for them. For other, greedier and pathetic individuals, they see no reason to do anything unless they are being rewarded.

Do people do everything in life only for reward ? Do you play games for reward? Get rewarded for eating your breakfast? Oh, I walked across the road. Please reward me.

So the answer to the question for me, is this. It will make no difference as I get my reward here first and foremost from reading, writing questions and answers and learning. It's fun!

For people who are so shallow that their primary or only reason is reward, they will obviously not bother to continue so I say to them, goodbye and good riddance.

Which camp are you in @Hamg96 ?


First of all, musing.io is a dapper which means they rewards contents in order to keep running which means it will be nearly impossible for them to stop upvoting contents.

In other words nothing is impossible that is if they loose their delegations then it may be difficult to run and UPVOTE contents as usual.

However if musing.io stops upvoting contents the engagement will definitely decrease, but the dapp will keep running still.


I think it would be detrimental to musing.io. I know about Quora but they didn't have steemians on it. Steemians want financial reward and wont do anything for free. That is the reality and they will move away immediately to another site that has financial reward.  No one expects to be voted on everything but if it became very scarce to get a vote then people would move.Time is precious and no one who can make money elsewhere would remain.

I am just being honest and that is the reality.