Would people who asked questions on Musing really read the answers provided by other users?
I'm just curious. I usually answer questions and read the answers of others as well. This is my first musing question BTW.

Musing.io is a great tool on the Steem blockchain and I believe part of the ways that it would be useful is when users ask sincere questions and interact with those providing answers to clear their ignorance or misunderstanding of a concept.

I was a great user and consumer on Quora before I ever heard of the word Steem. And musing.io shares the same concept as on Quora only better with the incentives attached from Steem that's not on Quora.

I do answer some questions here and I believe those who ask them do read the answers. But surprisingly most times those who asked the questions never interact with the answers to encourage others that their answers brought some understanding.

But then I'm glad that there's an option to post your answer to your blog as a post. This option allows many on the Steem blockchain to view your answer, not only the person who asked the question initially. So in a way, the answers you provide on musing will always have a way to inform someone on something which wasn't clear. It might not be the original user who asked the question but it will always have the right audience. Also they also appear on Google search for even those who are not on Steemit.

I would like to encourage users who ask questions to always check up on their questions and the answers provided. They should thank those who took time to answer their questions and also ask more questions where they don't understand.


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Not sure about others but I really read the answers I get on my questions because they help me understand different viewpoints better. Also, it enhances my knowledge on a particular subject. I do the occasional upvoting in case I really like someone's answer to the question I ask or other people ask. And imho everyone should do the same, otherwise why would you ask a question in the first place. 

Some people ask questions to get the rewards but that's not what we should have in mind when we use musing or any other application for that matter. 

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Whenever I ask questions (and I hardly do), I ensure I read all the answers. Because, in the first place, I'm asking to be in the know.

I can't say same about others but I do read all the answers provided to any question I ask.


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 Genuine Answer providers are available On the Steem Blockchain and Musing Which makes it Relevant to ask Questions. Musing is based on Principle of Relevancy and Precision when it Comes to Answers and those are the Ones that get Rewarded the Most. This makes it a Reliable Source for Answers.  

People tend to use their Intellect and Come Up with quality Questions and Answers as Steem Users want their Posts to be Curated and Upvoted by Other Users.

 Questions about Crypto, Technology, Productivity are always a great choice to ask. Questions should be Framed correctly to Make them Easier to Understand and Convenient for Other Users to Answer them.

 Questions and Answers are Rewarded On the basis of Relevancy of the Question, The Responsiveness and Upvotes received. Quality content will always be Promoted and Rewarded by Musing Curators. 

 The Most exciting features of the Steem Blockchain are Rewards, Acquiring more and more Knowledge by following the People with Good Content Which Makes Steem Blockchain a Great Platform for Knowledge Seekers and Innovator. 


Usually for me I would read the answers to the questions that I have asked. Sometimes some answers are really funny and I get a good fun out of reading those comments that have been written. I usually read them and give a the answers an upvote as many people have spent a long time just to write out the answers and I think this deserves a good pat on the shoulders.

I try to ask questions that I have not seen on musing. What I usually do before I ask any question is to first search at the search bar and seek. If this question hasn't been asked, then I would write it out. When I ask a question, usually it would be about something that I really want have an answer on. Of course there are some questions that have no answers. Maybe no one has any interest in answering them or find them too boring to answer even though it hasn't been asked. I do spend time to read the questions I have asked on the answer especially about blockchains and those to do with a lot of technicalities which require a person with a more in depth understand of the subject matter to answer the questions. It's good to read the answers here as it is answered directly to the point. Many people would wonder and i have seen questions that state

Why since we have Google that everyone here still ask questions that we can find an answer from Google. The answer is that, definitely there are things that would need to have personal answers for them to be more understandable. Google has many generic answers.


Yes! If need be, I do read other people's answers too.


People who ask questions because they need answers to the question would definitely check all the answers given to their question,,but for the user who asked the question just to get upvotes then of course such user would probably not check the answers written to their question...


Reading people's answer on your question is a very good thing, and i never feel boring or something like that, especially when they answer my question that is i've been waiting for so long, or in a good topic.


Yes. I have read all answers to the question that I have asked. And in most cases I upvote and comment under their answers.


Its difficult to tell. Very rarely do i get a response from the person who asked the question on my answer. Also, interaction in the community is low. So i dont see people interacting on other answers. I am sure there are genuine questions on musing, specially around steemit and crypto or money. And there are genuine answers as well.

I have seen some people actually respond to my answers with comments that seem like they are reading answers. I think questions where a response of yes/no will suffice or a simple google search will suffice. Those are not genuine questions and people also aren't interested in any answers.