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What will you do when a lady or a guy u love so much doesn't love u back ?


- cry like a whiny little bitch

- stalk her/him and use voodo until they do love you

- hire an escort as a pretend boyfriend/girlfriend to flaunt and make them jealously interested

- go on a narcissistic megalomaniac streak to become ultra-successful as a means to prove your (false) worth

- kill yourself because you’re not smart enough to realize your self-worth doesn’t depend on their validation

- smoke a joint and #netflixandchill



Well the first thing I would probably do is ask myself if that person is really worth it

While it is true that you can not force anyone to love you back, there are however cases in which one learnt to love someone after seeing how true and real that person's love is.

The first rejection is usually not-a-true rejection. Often times, the person was just taken aback by the sudden confession and don't know you that well enough to make a clear decision so saying "NO" is the easiest way to handle you at the moment. 

If you really love that person enough to go through that pain and you feel to yourself that you have somewhat a chance (we can feel this), then don't easily give up! Some are just playing hard to get. 

But at times when you feel that you are only being used and played at, then at that time is the perfect time to just move-on and find another one deserving of your love. XD


Love is sometimes wicked. We long for someone, we cannot have them, we love them deeply but they don't love us back.

It is important to note that it is self demeaning to force yourself on someone, just because you love them.

They don't love you, let them go. Others will come. You will find love somewhere else. You will find someone who truly loves you. No one is worth fighting or dying over. I have always told myself this, if you don't love me, it's your problem, I will find someone else because I am enough.

I know it might be difficult to forget someone you truly love but you simply can't force someone to love you. Move on with your life and the best will find you.

Cheers, JI.


If a lady I loves so Much doesn't love me back, I will be so heartbroken that I won't stop thinking about that person.. If such a person is single, I will keep being a good friend to such a person and I will always be their for a such a person, listening to them and caring for them more.. And I will always keep reminding such a person that I love her.. That I won't stop loving and I will do everything within my power to always keep her happy and I won't stop trying my luck because no one knows tomorrow

But if it's such person is not single and have started dating another, I will give such person space because I will want to kill my feelings for her and I don't want to be a hindrance to her newly found relationship or love life


I don't think anything absolutely different is going to happen. I think I will continue to love the person with the same intensity and power as always. Although love is for two, we know that some people can fall in love on their own, but that doesn't mean we're going to love the other person any less when we find out he doesn't love us. 

Surely knowing that I'm not loved can cause me sadness, maybe anger, but I can't do anything. If I can't do anything in my heart not to love him, I could do less in his heart to make him love me. that simple


Move on and put myself out there, there's plenty fish in the sea.

Use your experience to improve your fishing skill.

Maybe you catch a Gyardos.

It really is pointless to stick around in hope that the object of your sentiment changes.

That hardly ever happens.

You probably heard something like "You're nice and perfect but I have a partner" or"I don't want to be in a relationship right now", and you're hearing "maybe later".

However, lemme translate it for you.

What they are REALLY saying is. 

"My partner is better than you by every possible metric" , and "I don't want to be in relationship with You"

Give yourself a hand, just give up, get over it, move on, improve yourself.


The simplest thing to do is turn the page, because we can not force someone to love us. In my opinion, you just have to respect the choice of the person and continue to move forward while hoping that one day, destiny will put your soul mate on your way.


If you love someone and the someone doesn't love you back, there's nothing you can do. You can't force him/her to love you, thus all you have to do is channel such love to someone else that will appreciate it and reciprocate the love. There's just no point in continuing wasting your love on someone that doesn't know you exist or someone that isn't willing to reciprocate such love. It's a waste of time and energy

Look for someone else that you're interested in and that's also interested in you and channel such love to such person. Don't allow anyone to waste your time or regard your love as nothing. Nobody can mess with your heart if you know your worth


Cut off the emotion before it takes root. Unrequited love only works when you know you're not going to get anything beyond what you have now. It's different from hoping something will happen than accepting nothing will happen. If you want to be loved by the person you love, look for someone that can do that for you willingly. You may mentally bargain for "what if she notices" moments, but these are just defense mechanisms that help you cope with dealing with a harsh reality that there is no love going to be reciprocated. You have to realize that there is no use staying in that comforting idea that they will love you back. If they do, it's good, if not, at least you're on your way to recovery. 


I will not think too much about it, move on to the next target XD