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Which community offer free upvote to Steemit users apart from minnowsupport?
I think here is no other community which offers free upvote like minnowsupport.
But there can be some native community which can offer upvotes and contest as like @steemitbd which is offering free upvote and contest only for Bangladeshies.
So, what you have to do is search for a native community and stay connect with you fellow steemians to know more and more about steemit.
By the way there is a website named **Steemdunk** which sometime gives upvote to it's website user. You can check blog @steemdunk if you ant to know more.
Tpot servers also serve free upvotes from bots and you can join here https://discord.gg/C8EpU9
There is a bot called votefun that is part of IncinBot (@cryptowithincin steemit account).

Keep in mind this is my bot so anything I say is kind of promoting myself.

We offer free upvotes within our Discord server, with 100% upvotes to Subscription members but we still offer decent sized upvotes to non members. Currently votefun has 150 sp, but we are adding another 150 in a few hours. So that’s around a $.03 upvote, as well as another $.03 in curation trail. Lastly we also use drotto (bidbot) for an upvote that’s worth $.01-$.03.
It’s really nice for subscription owners, where the total can go close to $.08-$.10, however it’s around a $.04 upvote to non members.

So ya! There is this if you are interested, hopefully the upvote will keep increasing but so far that’s what it’s at.

Which community offers free upvote for Steemit users other than minnows support?
Yes, this is a musing, don't choose another one if you have it in front of your eyes, just take it, but just give it a little upvot, for some reason?
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Nothing is free in life. If you are here because you want money fast and easy, you won't succeed.

Regardless if you're using Steemit or another tool of the big Steem family: You have to work for your money. Write about what you know, what you're interested in. Read posts on that topics and make comments - quality comments that bring something new to the topic, to the community. That is the best way to grow here.

As others wrote: search for a community for your country or your language. Use this tag and interact with others that use the tag.