What’s the Color of Mirror?

People will say the color of the mirror is Silver (silver) because mirrors are often illustrated as such, and indeed because mirrors are made of silvery things like aluminum.

But the mirror, in fact, is the "whatever you point" into the mirror. For example, in a green room, the color of the mirror will turn green. Then when viewed into a mirror, the color of the mirror will become "your color" or the object of whatever color will be absorbed.

If if you see a certain colored object, such as orange or whatever the color is what actually happens, what is the color of the object?

When a light (which usually looks white) about a particular object, for example the object is orange, then the object will absorb every visible light wave except orange where the orange color is reflected back (not lost).

However, a "perfect mirror" will reflect all colors or all incoming waves of light, so that more or less will be seen the color of the mirror is white.

The mirror reflects an incoming light into a regular, outgoing light, where the angle formed from the incoming light and the outgoing light is equal when measured on a right angle between a mirror and a normal surface.


This type of reflection is also called Specular Reflection. This type of reflection creates an image in accordance with the object in front of it.

So, the color of the mirror is white?

Maybe also, but wait a minute. Each mirror absorbs a little light. Not only that, if you look at the spectrum of reflected light in general, you will see that a good reflection of light is 510 nm (nanometer) where people perceive it as green.

So, technically, a mirror has very little color elements that will be green. People can prove this in a "mirror tunnel".

This happens, when two mirrors are confronted with each other, thus creating a picture of the back of the mirror and so on with each new reflection so that the appearance in the mirror is getting smaller and disappearing but the green is still there. That is why why the reflection in the depths of the mirror tunnel that is getting darker (darker) is getting greener.

So, in the real world, the color of the mirror may have a "white color" which is actually a kind of green


Mirrors are made from clear glass just like you would find in a window.  If you then paint the back side of the pane of glass black or another dark color, it will refract the light back to you and you will see your reflection.