Is it appropriate to say 'In friendship, no sorry, no thanks'?

I hear some people say you do not need to say thanks and sorry in friendship. Well, I don't think so. Friendship is an amazing relationship. Friends are the ones who are always there for you. When you have a bad time, you will find your friends beside you. When you have a good time, your happiness and joy increase because you have your friends. 

Your friends do many things for you. Sometimes it seems very little. You should appreciate that and thank to your friend. It shows how much you like her/him and value her/his presence. Sometimes you might do something or say something that hurts your friends' feeling. You should say sorry. Saying sorry does not cost you any time. But it will remove the misunderstandings between you and your friends, and you reconnect with your friends again.

Not only friendship, you should say thanks and sorry to your husband or wife. Your spouse loves you. He/she does a lot of things just to make you happy. All she/he wants is to see smile on your face. So will you be so selfish that you will not thank your spouse for everything. I don't think so. You should thank your spouse. It will make your relationship stronger. And at the same time, you should say sorry if you do something wrong. 

It is a blessing that you have some amazing friends. Be grateful for that and appreciate them. In my opinion,  it is appropriate to say sorry and thanks in friendship.


I disagree. No matter what your relationship is with another person, whether you are friends, family, or even husband and wife, it is always important to say "Thank you" and "Sorry" to the other person when the situation calls for it. They may be simple words, but choosing not to say them can have a big impact on a person's relationship.

Saying "Thank you" and "Sorry" are powerful words that can help strengthen relationships, especially friendships. 

When you thank a friend, you are letting them know that they matter to you, or that they've made a difference. Whether it's a "Thank you for feeding my dog, while I was away", or "Thank you for helping me get through a breakup", it shows that you are grateful for the person's presence in your life. you are also reinforcing the fact that your friendship is valuable to you, making the other person feel appreciated and loved. 

When it comes to saying "Sorry", it is a first step to rebuild the connection that may have been damaged because of a wrongdoing. And even if you were not at fault, saying a simple "I'm sorry I hurt your feelings" can go a long way into showing your friend that you respect their feelings and understand why they felt they way they did. Thus, you have still helped heal your friend's hurt feelings and have begun the process of mending your friendship. 

In this respect, the opposite is also true, such that not saying "Thank you" and "Sorry" to your friends is a way of undermining your relationship. It shows them that you do not value what their friendship brings to your life when you forget to say "Thank you". And that you do not care enough about their hurt feelings to acknowledge them, when you fail to say "Sorry". 

So, I disagree in the saying that there is no "Sorry" or no "Thanks" among friends. In fact, it should be the opposite. Because if you are a true friend, you will go out of your way to make your friend feel appreciated and loved, and not simply disregard their feelings or ignore them. 


Yes, of course it's appropriate

Friendship does not mean you cannot disagree with someone. You are still your own person and have your own thoughts and attitudes.

As long as you are respectful you have every right to say no thanks I'm not interested in that and as your friend the other person should respect that.


Yes it is. To be open and honest with everyone whether they are a friend or a partner in life. Communication is key to building a relationship and one needs to be honest.

If you can't say no to a friend or sorry then what kind of friendship is that. I can tell my friends anything and that is what being a good friend is. i was a bit shocked with the question as I have never really thought about this as it is second nature.

What kind of friendship do you have if you are worried about saying no to something. It can't be yes all the time as they will be getting everything they want and you will be compromising all the time. It is a two way street of give and take and saying yes or no or sorry shouldn't be an issue.