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Why are Mondays considered a boring day?
We don't feel like working on Monday. why is it so it is considered as the boring day of the week?

I would say that this is a matter of perception. People have differ responses to differ situations.

I used to consider Monday to be boring because it meant I got to go to school again and have to face lecturers who had no joy. They were like evil task masters who took every opportunity to oppress us, their students.

I remember back in my fourth year, my penultimate at school. I dreaded Mondays because of one of my many sadistic lecturers. This one would always make sure everyone had a hard time. On the timetable, he was fixed for 8am but this man would make sure he came as early as 7 and most times would reschedule the class to begin by that 7am. He'd instruct that no one was to come in later than he did. His reason was that he being the lecturer ought to be the one coming late and not us, the students. He completely ignored the fact that he was the one that fixes the class for 7am and not us or the school authorities.

Everyone used to wish Monday delayed coming and we would be literally happy whenever we heard he was sick or had an appointment on Mondays.

Anyways, after school, Mondays are no longer living killjoys. I'm happy to begin the week with new energy to attack my week and ensure that my goals are achieved.

It's usually those who have to answer to someone that feel Mondays are boring.

Also, I think it's like that to people who have too much fun during the weekend and have to go back to theory normal lives at the beginning of the new week.

Overall, it's a perception thing.


Moneys are the beginning of week. You have a lot of fun on Saturdays and Sundays. But you have to go to school or work from Mondays. Maybe you don't like to go to school. It's not fun being at school. It seems boring to you.

It is Monday, that means you have to go to work. Probably, you hate your job. But you have to do it anyway.  You have to go to the office and do the same. And you have to go through the same trouble. You just hate it. Now of course, Mondays are considered a boring day.

Mondays can be exciting as well. It is up to you. If you love to go to school or you love what you do, it will be exciting for you because you cannot wait to get started.

So how you see everything, that's the most important thing and it will make a day boring or exciting.


Most people don't actually view Monday as boring. Those that love their jobs or their businesses actually look forward to resuming their jobs after the week end break. While those that hate their jobs or consider it to be less fun are the ones actually seeking the beginning of a new week as boring.

Monday is just like every other week days. It's the activities that you engage in in each day that determines how fun filled or boring you day would be. But a boring person will always have a boring day regardless of the activities in the day and a happy person can turn a boring day into a fun filled day.

Who the individual is and his/her perception about such day also play major parts in determining if the day will be boring or interesting.


This is due to how people perceive their reality.

Monday's are generally the start of most people's work week. 

Most people hate their jobs.

Monday is a reminder that you will have to work an entire 5 days before you get another break.


"Case of the Monday's"


I think it depends if what you usually do in a Monday.  Like if you are a student, working in an office job or a freelancer.

Those who have rest days in Sundays or weekends will find a Monday boring or a day they do not look forward too still it means start of their working days or studying days again.

But of course not all who works or studies in a Monday will feel the same way. It will still depends on a person if he enjoys working or studying, Monday will be an exciting day for them instead of a boring day.

So, generally it depends and differs per person.

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Monday's are generally not shaped to be boring, nevertheless it's the day that comes before it that makes it seems like it's boring. Sunday is fun filled and packed with plenteous activities like picnics, church services family reunion and quality time watching movies so all these activities makes Sunday very interesting and time seems to move faster than usual.

However Mondays are the beginning of a new working day and the feeling of having to always return to work after a Sunday and Saturday of fun and staying home, makes Monday seems boring and very long.

It's definitely boring because working grudgingly on Mondays makes it so and it's the same with Tuesday and Wednesday as well really but it becomes better on Thursday and Friday.


Because it is the first day after the weekend, and you need to get back to work. If the weekend would be on monday and tuesday, then wednesday would be the boring, the yuckie day. It would become the new monday.


I suppose it depends what you are doing and what you call boring. Monday is the first day after a weekend of relaxation and it is normally a day of catching up.

I hate Mondays as things normally go wrong somewhere and not much happens. Business seems to happen on Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursdays.Friday is normally a half day as people leave early from work.

I think it is a mindset but Mondays are never boring for me as the day goes way too quickly as I am very busy. If you are bored then maybe it is the job you are doing doesn't have enough challenges or you have outgrown it.